Do you think Jamie had a hand in Nathan’s death?

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We got some quick theory to share with you on Nathan’s death. This is not a spoiler alert but some quick analysis we put together.

Do you think Jamie had a hand in Nathan’s death?

People might be asking If Jamie had a hand in Nathan’s death. This might be a bit tough because it is not so clear. During the time of Nathan trying to figure out the broken pieces we see how argumentative they were about what they were working on.Do you think Jamie had a hand in Nathan’s death?

On the contrary, Jamie has never made any connection with Nathan ever since he was uploaded. Let’s be real here, you die and your best friend or the close person you were working with does not reach out to you for whatever reason, more painfully does not answer your call. It can be heartbreaking you know. As an individual you might get to think about so many negative things about that individual and that is what Nathan has his mind on.

The fact that Jamie has been avoiding Nathan may not necessarily mean he was part of Nathan’s death. Maybe he just want to sell of their idea and not consult Nathan.

There are so many things linking Nathan’s death to Jamie but hey, the show has just started we can’t jump into conclusion.

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