Does Mr. Wilford Exists On Snowpiercer Tv Series

Does Mr. Wilford Exists On Snowpiercer Tv Series

Does Mr. Wilford Exists On Snowpiercer Tv Series


Mr. Wilford Existence On Snowpiercer

Every fanatic or viewer of Snowpiercer tv series would be wondering “Where is Mr. Wilford” “Why is Melanie talking for him” “Does Mr. Wilford exists on Snowpiercer” And yeah, these questions will come into your mind the moment you start watching snowpiercer. So let’s dig a bit into it.

So In Episode 1 of Snowpiercer we discovered something interesting – At the latter part of Snowpiercer episode 1, Melanie Cavill makes her way to a well decorated fine room which seems like a whole one car made for her.  Earlier, he presents herself as the announcer but gives the impression Mr. Wilford. Her act and talks, indicates to the people she just works for Wilford Industries. Is Melanie really Wilford; because at the end of the episode Bennett Knox addresses Melanie Cavill by a different name know as Mr. Wilford.

In other episodes Melanie Cavil started being an impostor(she is not really one but to viewers) as at some point, he had some recordings of Mr. Wilford being played to calm the nerves of the people on the train. Secuirty, safety and assurance is all what Mr. Wilford talks about as Melanie made it clear.  It looks like there is something we are yet to discover in a big session but for now we have a few details and theories to share with you.

Does Mr. Wilford Exists On Snowpiercer Tv Series

Who was the actual Mr. Wilford and what happened to him?

When Andre investigates the First Class, Lilah, the rich lawyer, is angry and asks to speak with Mr Wilford. Melanie finds a way to solve the problem without revealing herself. Which begs the question, who was the original Mr. Wilford? Obviously, those in First Class knew him by face but to us viewers we know Melanie is Mr. Wilford. What then happened to the original Mr. Wilford?

Perhaps he died of old age and entrusted everything to Melanie and told her not to reveal anything lest mayhem would be released on the train. Another theory too is that Melanie with the help of someone, disposed of Mr. Wilford and took his place as the boss of the train. This could be why Melanie takes decisions and actions by herself using Mr. Wilford as a cover up to maintain order and safety. The series is not over yet, we are yet to find out.Does Mr. Wilford Exists On Snowpiercer Tv Series

This theory could be of good information to you. So if you have paid close attention to Snowpiercer it seems Melanie finds ways to talk to the people using Mr. Wilford’s name. It is not just about the name but how she carries the message and the manner she goes about it. It is clear Mr. Wilford is not on the train alive or maybe he has been kept in the drawers. One thing we know for sure is that Mr. Wilford really exists in Snowpiercer and not a cover up but as to the character being alive on Snowpiercer that is what we are not certain. So what backs up this statement, take note about the cast on Snowpiercer, it is indicated that Mr. Wilford is part and also plays a a role but only in one episode in Snowpiercer tv series. It indicates we are yet to see or hear from Mr. Wilford in one of the episodes in Snowpiercer Season 1.

In order for order to be maintained, Melanie has to keep the name of Mr. Wilford alive. In episode 4 of snowpiercer, we saw how she pretended to be calling Mr. Wilford in order for the folgers not to undermine her power or authority. But it was Bennett he called, which clearly means something has happened to Mr. Wilford and the only person who may knows is Bennett and maybe Henry, the doctor

Th season 1 of snowpiercer has just started, there are more to come. Each episode is revealing keeping us glued to our seats. Don.t forget to subscribe for more interesting post.

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