Squid Game Season 1 Episode 1 Summary

Red Light Green Light Song Download

Red Light Green Light Song - Squid Game

The first round of game was called “Red light, Green Light”. You move and stop when the red light is on but if a movement is detected afterwards then you’d be eliminated. After the first round of the game all the participants became nervous and anxious to leave, hence they were asked to vote in a democratic way to decide. After further questioning and investigation they voted and the majority had voted to leave. It was not the end of this “squid game” even though they were all dropped off within their vicinity.

In Episode 1 of Squid game season 1, we see a group of children playing a game on a court shaped like a squid, which introduces us to the notion of a squid game. The game pits two teams against each other, the Offense and the Defense.

Download Red Light Green Light Song – Squid Game


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