How I Met Your Father Episode 2 Review – Season 1

How I Met Your Father Episode 2 Review - Season 1

How I Met Your Father Episode 2 Review

How I Met Your Father Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Determined to try to live in the moment, Sophie and the gang head to an exclusive new club for a wild night out; Valentina doubts her relationship with Charlie; Sid pushes Jesse to be open to love; Ellen tries her luck with the women at the club.

The hopeless romantics and realists have entered the chat with the premiere of Hulu’s How I Met Your Father continues with episode 2. The second episode of How I Met Your Father released along with the first one and centered around Sophie’s attempt to get over Ian. While Sophie struggles with her short-lived ‘relationship’ with Ian, Valentina feels smothered by Charlie’s constant presence.

How I Met Your Father Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Valentina’s solution is to go out, and she’s gotten them into a club called “FOMO.” But Valentina also plans to break up with Charlie, who’s emotionally smothering her (what did you think when you brought him over from England?). Sophie comes up with the idea of setting him up with some guys to be friends with, and wouldn’t you know it, they met some guys just last episode.

Sid and Jesse are hanging in the former’s bar when the latter receives the invite to FOMO, which the others interpret as Sophie being interested in Jesse. That theory is bolstered when they overhear Valentina referring to the night as a setup (of course she was referring to making friends for Charlie).

How I Met Your Father Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Unfortunately, as these things go, Sophie’s attempt to move past Ian is thwarted when he texts her (a recurring joke about Jason Momoa lookalikes), but she tries to put it past her and Jesse now seems like an ideal way to do so. That is, until she encounters another Momoa look-alike and violates the club’s strict no-photo policy, and leaves Jesse sitting alone in the “candle room” waiting for her. And it doesn’t make him feel any better when Valentina clears things up as to the nature of the night’s setup, and that she thinks Sophie is not ready to date.

And nobody else is having a good night. Ellen is struggling to flirt, and Charlie cannot for the life of him fit in. Before they leave, Valentina admits that she needs space, and asks him to leave. Seems like a bum night if there ever was one

But later, in Sid’s bar, the guys begin to bond for real; once Charlie stops trying to be a normal guy and lets his lavishly wealthy, nineteenth-century royal personality come through. Not only does Charlie make friends, but Valentina comes back to apologize with a bagel in hand (the best way to apologize in my opinion). He agrees that they need space, and says he’ll move out.

However, the highlight of this episode of How I Met Your Father was Sophie’s comfort song, Drops of Jupiter. At first, it seemed like a usual song one cries to when upset, but when the episode ended, Jesse played the same tune and revealed that it was his comfort song too.

How I Met Your Father Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Viewers can now clearly see the connection between Sophie and Jesse, who are a mirror image of Ted and Robin, only it’s not clear if the series will completely follow the original’s plot when it comes to their future.

The two men are complete opposites of each, and while Charlie is a silly and sheltered being who actually does not exist in reality, Sid brings the much-needed dose of emotional realism to the table.

The strange mix between the two is a definite treat to watch, especially the moment at the end of the episode where they compliment each other about things that don’t really matter.