How Was The Selection Made On Snowpiercer Tv Series-Train

How Was The Selection Made On Snowpiercer Tv Series-Train

How Was The Selection Made On Snowpiercer Tv Series-Train

When the earth an ice wasteland, the only means of survival was a train that protected people from the ice. How was the selection made? With a world population of over 7 billion people, the train’s capacity would have catered for at most 0.025% of the population. How did the world leaders decide which of their people were selected and which continent was prioritized over the other?

Or was the selection made based on the contribution of each country to the development of the train? If that’s the case, would it mean that a large population of the poor countries perished while the rich only got to live?

Yes, the contributors in building the train were extremely wealthy people in the world before the dystopian. And as wealthy as they are they needed a better rain for them to survive as long as they can. No wonder this 1001 cars long has everything a human being will need.

Selecting People To The Snowpiercer Train

Another theory is this, did scientists choose the best of the best among the human species so that procreation after the end of the disaster would yield humans with the best of qualities?How Was The Selection Made On Snowpiercer Tv Series-Train

In the opening scene, people were rushing towards the train while it was being closed. Where was the train situated and why didn’t they make an attempt earlier and ambush the train when nobody expected? Or was the train heavily guarded? Implying that major countries with large supply of firearms contributed their firearms in exchange for a place on the train.

These are questions coming up so far after the first episode of Snowpiercer. A world of 7 billion population, and 1001 cars carrying the rest of the world.

It could be that the rich contributed greatly to the building of the train, and when you look closely to the episode when the earth temperature had reached -40 degree Celsius, almost 70% of the population were gone. People had to find  a way to get on board on the Snowpiercer train as this was only their hope to survive. How Was The Selection Made On Snowpiercer Tv Series-Train

The fittest are to survive, your money is to find you a spot and your determination will get you on board but yet a lot of people were unlucky. Tickets were sold but at what price? And it is very clear when the leader of Wilford Industry realized they had a small space left to carry extra people they decided to sell tickets. The wealthy people who contributed in building the train had places booked for them. And that is why they are called the Folgers.

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