Is Joon-Ho Alive – Squid Game Tv Series

Is Joon-Ho Alive - Squid Game Tv Series

Is Joon Ho still Alive?

Is Joon-Ho Alive - Squid Game Tv Series

In squid game we see an outsider who was able to get into the game house without an invite and he happens to be Joon Ho.

Joon Ho is a police officer in squid game and had heard a player(Gi-hun) complain about a dangerous game going on, on the other side. As Gi-hun complains to the police officer, he pays less attention to him and begins to ridicule him. But seeing the seriousness in Gi-hun’s face, the police officer who happens to be Joon-Ho decides to linger there for a while. As he scans around the office he sees the invitation card on the table.

Later in Squid game episode 3 we see that Joon Ho made it to the ferry that coveys the cars and all the player’s. He maneuvers his way and steals a uniform from one of the guards.

Aside looking for his brother, he thought it was ideal to start looking all around and that is why he made that sneaky move to join these players

Joon Ho' death in Squid Game Season 1

Is Joon-Ho Dead In Squid Game Tv Series

Joon-ho, who has been besieged at the cliff by the front man and his guards, is terrified since he has no
way out. The front man takes off his mask, and Joon-ho is taken aback when he realizes the front man is
his missing brother. In episode 8 of squid game Joon Ho is shot by the front man.

Well, we saw Joon Ho being shot, but was he really shot to die or to be injured. In this theory it is known the front man was his own blood brother and was trying to protect him. He only revealed himself to Joon Ho so he could trust him. The part he shoots was on his arm. The front man knew a police officer had invaded their premises but upon realizing it was his brother, his only way was to pretend he had killed him in front of the other guards.

Most viewers will probably say Joon-ho was shot but is he going to die? I do not think he will because in the season 2 of squid game we see Joon-Ho as part of the cast. This will certainly not be about flash back but how he is able to save himself after being shot and falling off the cliff. Joon Ho is still alive and might be a major character in the upcoming season 2 of squid game

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