Who is Lilah Junior (LJ) On Snowpiercer Season 1

Who is Lilah Junior (LJ) On Snowpiercer Season 1

Who is Lilah Junior (LJ) On Snowpiercer Season 1

Who is Lilah Junior (LJ) On Snowpiercer Season 1


Who is Lilah Junior (LJ) on Snowpiercer Season 1 ?  Someone might probably ask why? -This is because Lilah Junior is an interesting, creepy, and annoying character every fanatic of snowpiercer would be wanting to know more about Lilah Junior(LJ).

Marvytvseries is here to share some details with you about Lilah Junior. Who is LJ on snowpiercer – Lilah Junior goes by the real name Annalise Basso, the youngest child of her parents, Marcia and Louis Joseph Basso. Interestingly, his siblings are also actors. Annalise Basso (born 2nd December 1998, height 5′ 4″ (1,63 m)) is an American film and television actress and model.

Most of Annalise Basso initial roles have been tv commercials and also guest on other tv series.Her first role that garnered attention was her role as Eden Hamby on True Blood. In 2009, she starred in the television film Love Takes Wing from the Love Comes Softly series. When she was 10, she took part in Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? as a student.

Currently, Annalise Basso is starring in Snowpiercer, coming from a wealthy family as a Folger.  Snowpiercer – an apocalyptic crime and thriller tv series that involves human survival on the last moving train in the world, 1001 cars long

Who is Lilah Junior (LJ) On Snowpiercer Season 1


Lilah Junior (LJ) On Snowpiercer Tv Series

When Snowpiercer began, viewers may have taken a liking to LJ. She was the liveable teenager in the First Class who defied the class system and did not see the other classes as below her as compared to her rich parents. All this changed when in subsequent episodes, we got to see Lilah Junior for who she really was. She orchestrated the deaths of some people in the Tail by using her bodyguard.

Ever since then, she has proven herself to be creepy, maniacal, and even murderous at certain times in the series when she tried to stab Andre Layton after being caught. From yesterday’s episode, Lilah’s maniacal character was still evident although we still do not know her true intentions unlike the rest of the Train.

She’s creepy for sure. And in the eighth episode, that was especially seen when she was let into the engine room. LJ crept behind the driver of the Train slowly, malicious intent evident in her eyes. At this point, we know how creepy LJ is and we are not certainly shocked by what she’s doing but we are shocked with the gravity of what would happen should she alert the driver. Finally, she turns away from him and we can finally let out the breath we’ve been holding in.

Lilah doesn’t end there. When she goes to Melanie Cavill’s room with Miles Layton, she creepily snatches a photo of Melanie and her son and we wonder, what could she possibly want with this?

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Of course, this is revealed when Melanie is brought in for questioning by the First Class. LJ had always been annoying to Melanie Cavill. A prime example was when she was jailed for orchestrating the murders. She taunted Melanie with the idea that she knew the secrets of the Train that Melanie held. This time around, she annoys and taunts Melanie by flashing the photo of Melanie and her child. Melanie is angered and thrashes to get the photo from a smiling Lilah Junior.

Lilah Junior’s character is certainly an interesting one. It is not in tune with her parents’ who even though are rich, do not possess her maniacal tendencies. When she was young, she poked out her father’s eye in a fit of anger. One could say she is the way she is because of how her parents treated her, lavishing on her and giving her everything she wants. As such, she thinks she can do anything and get away with it. She’s rebellious, stubborn, maniacal, creepy, annoying and cunning all bundled up in one. Her demeanour does not give this away most times as she seems calm. She gives it away with her creepy smile and laughter. Who is Lilah Junior (LJ) On Snowpiercer Season 1

In contrast, Annaliese Basso, who plays the character LJ, is way different. She began acting by starring in bubbly television commercials and is the last of three children. Maybe this is why she’s able to channel the only child persona so well in Snowpiercer because she herself was the last child of her parents. Annalise Basso has proven to be a brilliant actress, embodying roles that are different as day and night. She starred in the drama horror tv series True Blood; horror movies Occulus and Ouija: Origins of Evil. Ironically, she has also starred in a series of Lifetime movies known for their romance and bubbly nature such as the Casteel Saga. She also starred in the coming of age movie, Standing Up.

With all these different movie roles, it is evident Annalise Basso is not a one faced actress but can play multiple roles with ease. And this is why in Snowpiercer, we may not like LJ’s character very much but she plays it with perfection. And she’s just 21 years! We can’t wait to watch movies from her.

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