Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 2

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 2

So far so goods with this Netflix series. The expectation and hype made around this tv series is actually matching what all fanatics of Korean tv series are seeing. In this episode it is discovered where the title of the series comes from, “The Silent sea”

Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 2

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of the silent sea begins with a flashback of Dr. Song Jian sitting behind his desk, trying so hard to encrypt some files. A message pops up when the file is decrypted — “Find Luna.”  He chanced upon her sisters memorial box and starts glancing at the pictures.

Just like that, we return to the lunar base as our astronauts breathe heavily and make it aboard, replenishing their oxygen supply. With all the power off, they venture forward, having recovered for now, and intent on completing their mission. Soon, all the team members find the life supporting unit and are able to fill their oxygen to ease up the pressure in their lungs.

The crew members talks about how enormous and impressive the project is as they walk through. They turn on the power as soon as they get to the command center.

Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 2

Something odd happens, they realized the radiation levels within the Balhae station is normal. Upon several complains about the members the need to investigate the oddly things happening, Mr. Han cautions them about their missions. As they walk through the station they find out about dead bodies. They record the scenes and bodies lying around for future references. Dr. Song Jian insisted the need to look into matters and why radiation levels are normal. She believed if an autopsy is carried out they will be able to stay alert and stay safe. But captain  Han disagrees, he empathically states Dr. Song Jian is just curious and not just the need to investigate into real matters.

The members all meet at one open area to know what next. Captain Han repeats himself about why they are here and why they need to focus on the mission. He later segregates the members into 3 groups just as the title of episode 2 says -Three Storages. They all set off to the 3 different storage areas in 3 groups. When Han Yunjai and his team get to the storage area, the door could not open. He thought it might be a system glitch but one of the members indicates it is just a mechanical fault. He tries to open that faulty door only to see many dead bodies piled up behind the door.

Meanwhile, Song Jian takes a slight detour; in a flashback, Song Jian asks Mr. Kim if he knows anything about “Luna.” Mr. Kim tells her that “Luna” is the data storage at Balhae Station. In the present day, Song Jian is eyeing down a corridor, but her team member gets her back on track on the mission.

We see Dr. Song Jian very curious through their walk at the Balhae station. Was it to find out about her sister or just to look out for her own information? She later gets the chance to visit the infirmary after one of his members detected on their radar about other strange movements.

When all the 3 groups reach the storage areas, it looked the place had been ransacked already. All groups begin to look around if they can find a sample in the storage area. As they begin to look for the sample Soochan finds one close to a dead body. In attempt to pick it, his body presses against the dead body releasing some spores from the mouth of the dead body. Suddenly the spores enters his eyes and starts to move through his body.

Lee Gisu begins to search the storage area to find at a least a sample, in that haste manner he drops his torch. Just as he bends to pick it up the torch goes off. Thinking, he needs to replace his batteries, the torch turns on and suddenly a sharp and a quick movements of an object move scaring him to death.

Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 2

The silent sea season 1 episode 2 indeed sent chills and thrills through the spine of viewers. The horrifying movements, creating a thrilling suspense in the latter part of this episode is really interesting.

The pacing, the setting, the walk, the talk and everything about this tv series has been amazing and fun to watch.



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