Snowpiercer Episode 1- First The Weather Changed

Snowpiercer Episode 1; Reviews-Recaps-Theories

Snowpiercer Episode 1; Reviews-Recaps-Theories

Who Gave The Intro In Snowpiercer Episode 1?

The show begins with a grim rundown of how things got bad; global warming, war, then a misguided attempt to reverse the damage. With hope all but lost, the Snowpiercer train is readied, a safe haven for those who can afford it. In the last days of the big freeze, there’s a mad rush for a spot on the train, even if it means taking it by blood! The desperate survivors fight to board the last carriages, engaging the security forces who’ve been ordered to shoot on sight, and as people fall in the bloodshed and families are torn apart, the doors to those carriages are closed, setting the stage for life to come.

The long awaited Tv series has been premiered finally and given us so much to fill our thirst.

Snowpiercer Season 1 episode 1 premiered on the 17th May and this has taken another route of advanced technology, theories, crime and so much mystery to be revealed.

Snowpiercer Episode 1- First The Weather Changed

Snowpiercer Episode 1- First The Weather Changed

In episode 1 of Snowpiercer, we get the introduction from a voice and we might probably say that voice sounds familiar.

A train is invaded as the announcer informs the invaders and the entire people on board when the 1,001 cars is leaving. As the world may be, there are so many dystopia surrounding our lives but who can talk about it? Snowpiercer has thrown a highlight on what we can really see as a dystopian in our modern day era.

The earth has lost it originality, everything now is a disaster as humans try to survive by joining a moving train that never stops.  The earth has frozen and now human survival is highly impossible. The authentic visionary man has come to save the world with the few people left. In this sense, the rich and the main responsible people are on board.

In episode 1 of Snowpiercer, the invaders join hands to take over the train because of the brutality they are going through. This looked like a real modern slavery where your rights are infringed but your voice can’t seem to reach the leaders.

We discover a last Australian man who wants to have kids before he dies not to erase the entire race. This show reveals how important every single person is needed and how every component on the earth adds up to a better revolution.

Snowpiercer Episode 1- First The Weather Changed

But unfortunately, their women have been sterilized and for almost half a decade no woman has given birth. Their lives are in a bad state on the trail and the only way to fight back is to destroy an important component attached to the train.

Later in the episode Andre Layton is picked up from his people and just before that, they had a plan to attack the Brakemen (People working as hostess on the train)  moving towards their side and take over a portion of the train. Unfortunately, their plan was halted as Layton signaled for a hold.

Layton was taken to the third class. Before reaching the third class he is cleaned up, washed down and cross checked to ensure safety and healthy purposes. And to his amusement the third class seemed like a perfect fit for them to stay. The way he hungrily looks at the meal served, licks his lips and stare like a mad hungry man. He breaks into the bread feeling every bit of the flour and flavor.

He was brought there for a purpose. There has been murder and as a detective on the other side of the world, he has been invited to join hands and solve the mystery. The workers of Wilford industries believes that serial killer might be among them. Mr. Roche, also known as Lead Brakeman comes in as the leader of the Brakeman , begins to beat up Layton but he himself failed, as Melanie Cavill takes offer to listen to the offer of Layton. He wants better for his people.

Snowpiercer Episode 1- First The Weather Changed

It seems Andre Layton had a better life before the dystopia and that confirms why he know what it feels to be suffering. As a homicide detective, he knows what he can bring on board and what he can do for his people. His negotiation with Melanie was on a tough scale and he is never backing down. Melanie has pulled up a pawn, is Layton willing to take it? Upon all that he has been through at the tail, he knows having a better life here can also help his people at the long run, but he has prioritized and sworn to protect them. Layton does not want to feel like a traitor, because already his people have that perception around him.

Undeniably he Melanie and Mr. Roche takes him through to find a suspect and prevail justice for her ex-girlfriend, Zarah. He knows Zarah did not commit the murder but to solve this will be a problem when negotiation is not going on well. Later, Andre Layton gets ti know it was his ex that gave him out, if not no one would have known he was one kind of homicide detective

As the tv series get interesting, a sad scene shows up, Ivan, the oldest man on the tail commits suicide right after celebrating his 84th birthday.

Things get raged up among the tails and the death of Ivan fueled their anger. Pikes got his spikes, and just as the rest get their knives and axes ready to attack. Blood shed, arm off, head crashed and many brutality.

Snowpiercer Episode 1- First The Weather Changed

Melanie joins hands with Ruth to see what Layton’s people have caused while he was away. Good enough, Layton calms his people done, filling their minds with what the future can be if they stay with his plan. He has seen it all and he knows what he can trade for this people. He pleads for mercy and forgiveness towards his people. Andre Layton has taken up the case, ready to investigate and find the murderer? Can he solve the case to continue the plea for his people? – Snowpiercer Episode 2 awaits us.

At the latter part of Snowpiercer episode 1, Melanie Cavill makes her way to a well decorated fine room which seems like a whole one car made for her.  Earlier, he presents herself as the announcer but gives the impression Mr. Wilford. Her act and talks, indicates to the people she just works for Wilford Industries. Is Melanie really Wilford; because at the end of the episode Bennett Knox addresses Melanie Cavill by a different name know as Mr. Wilford.  We can’t wait to have more of this amazing Tv series.

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