Snowpiercer Tv Series Episode 1- Season 1

Snowpiercer Tv Series Episode 1 – Season 1

Snowpiercer Tv Series Episode 1- Season 1


Snowpiercer Episode 1 Review – Season 1

Set in a dystopian world, Snowpiercer Tv Series delivers quality content that even though may not be original and based on the 2013 movie, tackles issues such as social injustice, survival politics and warfare that are analogies to the modern world.

The premise is this, in an attempt to reverse global warming, ice missiles are ejected towards the sky by the world’s top military and the effects are devastating. Instead of reversing global warming, earth’s atmosphere core is frozen and leads to the earth being frozen. As gradually earth becomes inhabitable, Mr. Wilford, the only one who predicted the effect of the ice missiles, built a gigantic and perpetually moving train in the ice dystopian world.

Snowpiercer season 1 episode 1  begins when the underprivileged, unable to pay for the train, clamour to get into it before its doors are closed and all those left behind die. Soldiers shoot at them, killing many and those who are able to get on the train and stay, are warded off and locked in a car and treated like dregs.

Snowpiercer Tv Series Episode 1- Season 1


Fast-forward some years ears later, the outcasts are living in abject poverty, their women have been sterilized to prevent reproduction and their food rations are reduced. Unable to withstand it anymore, they meet and plan to revolt, destroy an important component of the train and take charge. One of the outcasts, our main character and the only homicide detective, Andre Layton, tries to change their mind but to no avail.

When their good ration is dropped that day, before they can plan their attack, a hospitality manager comes to outcast car and asks for Andre Layton, the homicide detective. Afraid for his life, he’s dragged off the outcast car leaving behind his young son and girlfriend.

When Andre goes outside the outcast car, he meets a world that shocks him to the core. Here, people are living comfortably, without a care in the world and eat fresh foods only. He catches a glimpse of the outside world, where everything is frozen and is dystopian. Andre meets the voice of the train and head hospitality manager, Melanie Cavill who then asks for his help to solve a murder. A murder similar to one that occurred 2 years ago and proves that a serial killer may be on the train and plans to disrupt the order of Mr. Wilford.  Andre refuses to help them and only wants to go back to his people and later agrees that he will help them only if his people, the outcasts are promoted to third class status and their women unsterilized. Melanie agrees and her assistant, Mr. Roche, helps Andre throughout the day to question suspects.

Snowpiercer Tv Series Episode 1- Season 1

While this is going on, the outcasts, thinking they have been deserted by Andre and losing their beloved leader to suicide, plan a revolt. It works for a while and blood is shed like a waterfall made of blood. Andre urges Melanie to allow him to talk to his people when a standstill occurs and they let him go. He goes to his men and tells them to surrender so that they can be put to sleep in sleeper cells in the higher cars. There, Andre will work on a plan to wake them and take over the entire train.

The revolt comes to an end and Melanie goes to her cabin and later to the driving part of the train. She’s referred to as Mr. Wilford, the owner of the train.

Snowpiercer episode 1 tackles issues that are relevant to the modern world but however, also takes on tasks that are difficult to answer. How is the train being powered continually non-stop and why doesn’t the fuel rumour? How are dead bodies disposed of? Does the food and water never get out of stock? If the world is an ice dystopian, why are the train tracks not entirely frozen?

All these makes the series an interesting one to look out for. The answers will pique our interests and the combination of sci-fi, murder mystery and satire will leave viewers on the feet and ready for the next episode. The characters are fresh and not monotonous and world building is as real as it can be.


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