Snowpiercer Episode 10 Review – Finale

Snowpiercer Episode 10 Review

Snowpiercer Episode 10 Review

Snowpiercer Episode 10 Review

Surprise, surprise. The major theme in episode 10 of the thriller Snowpiercer. Andre and Melanie came to an unlikely alliance that led to the separation of 7 cars from the train, leaving 994 cars. Cars filled with the armed forces of the train, the Sergeant, and the Folgers. While the loss was felt by everyone on the Train, Andre Layton is now in charge.

Snowpiercer Episode 10 Review – Season 1

Melanie Cavill talks to the Train through the intercom, offering nuggets of wisdom and relinquishing the Train to Andre Layton. After this, Andre talks to the Train. Later, Andre has to talk to his son, Miles, and tell him of the loss they encountered. Miles is emotional, losing the one person except for his dad who really loved him.

The First Class is now filled with department heads from all the Classes including the Tail while Andre holds a meeting with them. There is confusion everywhere as to what will happen next and Andre delivers a message for them to send to their people. Ruth is distraught from the death of the Sergeant and when Roche approaches her, she informs him of what she thinks will truly happen now that there is no order on the Train.

Andre organizes a team to move to the Tail

Pike, the Tailie who betrayed his people, on the other hand, has taken over the apartment of the Folgers and is making merry with the janitors and other Tailies. Lilah Junior, LJ, is distraught by the death of her parents and in sorrow, asks all of them to leave her apartment for her to grieve. Pike is angry and when he gets a hold of Lilah, tells her what we expect he will and does something predictable.

In the Engine room, Javi picks up a radio signal and is sure that is something else going on they do not know about. Bennett tries to discourage him and does something which confuses us on which side he’s actually on. Meanwhile, in the Night Car, Melanie goes to Audrey to confront one of the greatest mistakes she made in life. One that still haunts to this day and makes her miserable. Melanie is sad, crying, and revealing everything while Audrey comforts her.

Andre and Zarah discuss the child they are expecting while Jinju and Bess Till are locked in an argument. The lovers come to an agreement, one that would leave viewers confused if that is what they really want. Melanie confronts Ruth who still hates her for everything Melanie has done including the death of the Sergeant. Melanie is still sad and does not hit back at Ruth with equal venom.

The major theme in episode 10 of the thriller Snowpiercer.

The signal that Javi found gets stronger and Andre and Melanie decide to slow the Train in order to find out who is sending it. They are shocked by what they find and try by all means to avoid it. Danger to the whole Train is imminent but they are oblivious to it and chants on to what they all see outside the Train. Ruth especially overjoyed, having found renewed purpose.

Andre organizes a team to move to the Tail and intercept the threat while Melanie and Bennett moved to the top on the Train to also sever the link with the threat. Melanie finds out what Bennett had been hiding from all of them and leaves him at the last minute, going alone. The threat succeeds in stopping the Train and they have 10 minutes until they all freeze to death. Melanie, who was on top of the train when it was stopped, is thrown into the icy wasteland.

While they wait for the threat to come through the Tail and face them, Ruth enters the Tail with an entourage, doing what she does best. Being hospitable. Andre and the others are enraged but Ruth pulls a surprise on them and ends up as Andre right hand as they wait.

The back of the Tail is finally welded off and the threat approaches. She gives them an ultimatum that they have to follow or die and announces who she is, shocking everyone. Alexandra, the daughter of Melanie Cavill, whom Melanie thought she was dead is now here to give an ultimatum.

The major theme in episode 10 of the thriller Snowpiercer.

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