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Snowpiercer Episode 2 Review – Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 2 Review - Season 1

The thrilling Sci-Fi series Snowpiercer returns with an episode that keeps viewers on the edge of the feet, exploring the lives of the people on the train and the murder that moved Andre from the Tail to the Main Train in order to investigate.


Review on Snowpiercer Tv Series Episode 2

With the episode begins, those in the Tail are subdued and for some reason, they are being punished again. Although those who attacked the guards have already been caught. One of the young ones is taken by the guards and her mother, frantic and in tears, asks that she be punished instead. At this point, viewers are subject to a punishment that will grit their teeth. A punishment painful and bone wrecking.

Snowpiercer Episode 2 Review - Season 1Meanwhile on the main Train, Andre keeps us the pretense of finding the murderer on the train while planning the perfect takeover of the Train. Viewers are introduced to a different type of prison system from the one seen in Snowpiercer episode 1. Here, prisoners are not kept unconscious but are locked up and used for manual labour. Andre is put under the supervision of one of the Hospitality workers, Bess Till and also meets the glance of one of such prisoners. We can’t help but wonder, does he know him? Are there more people from the Tail who have infiltrated the main Train?

Snowpiercer Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Mr. Wilford, doubling as Melanie, is told by the train’s lead driver that they have to choose between slowing down or cutting off electricity else they would be in trouble. Mr Wilford ignores him and we are left wondering what would happen later on.

The search for Andre’s killer takes him and Bess Till to a nightclub and once again, we are shocked at just how revamped each section of the Train is. The nightclub is complete with everything and a singer even and one would not feel as though there were on a train. One of the night club’s patrons explains to them how Mr. Wilford rushed and locked up the wrong person and reveals something else about the murdered victim. Bess’ communication with the lady also reveals a possible relationship between the two.  Zarah, Andre’s former girlfriend who defected from the Tail is also reintroduced here where Andre’s past before the icy catastrophe is explored. A particular scene between Andre and Zarah will leave viewers shocked.

Snowpiercer Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Andre and Bess Till go to the autopsy of the murdered victim where their unexpected findings lead to a section of the train. Viewers would also get to see a different part of the train where animals are reared.  A snowstorm veers towards the tracks due to the speed the train is moving, they meet it and every section of the train is rattled. The windows of the car where cattle is reared bursts open and viewers are kept on the edge of their feet. Will Andre meet his demise here?

Andre and his supervisor narrowly escape although all those in the rearing Carl including the animals, lose their lives, affecting the whole train.  Andre goes back to his third class cabin and draws a schematic of the train. What he does next, although is not surprising, feels almost like a foolish move to viewers. However, as smart as Andre is, he knows exactly what he’s doing and ends up with leverage against Mr. Wilford when she comes to see him. Snowpiercer Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Young adults in the Tail who are of age, are chosen to serve in formal and non-formal work on the Train and based on the shadiness of the Train, we can’t help but wonder what is actually going to happen to them. Andre’s son is among the chosen and has a heart to heart with Andre’s girlfriend, who he calls his Tail mother.

This episode of Snowpiercer delivered. It wasn’t all up in face, dumping too much info on us but set a lot of premise to be explored further in subsequent episodes. Who really killed the guy? What is Andre really planning? What does the train want with the young adults from the Train? We can’t wait to watch the next episode of Snowpiercer.

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