Snowpiercer Episode 3 Review – Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 3 Review - Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 3 Review – Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 3 Review - Season 1

Viewers were on their toes after the last episode of Snowpiercer when Andre escaped his cell in order to slip the schematics of the Train to the Tail. He was caught, beaten and still an ultimatum for Melanie Hill. Viewers wondered what would happen in the next episode and marvytvseries can definitely say Snowpiercer did not disappoint.

 Snowpiercer Tv Series Season 1 Episode 3 Review

The third episode began with a voice-over by the Train’s medical doctor who takes care of the Sleepers (people put to sleep due to their crimes). He explains his life on the Train and we are shown how he peddles drugs to some unknown people in return for stuff for the Sleepers. Could this be connected to Sean Wise’ death? Seeing as he was undercover for Mr. Wilford.

The past of Andre and Zarah is delved into more and what led to Zarah leaving the Tail to the main Train. Andre is sent to Melanie Cavil and Roch where they explain to him why Sean Wise was undercover. Andre listens and reveals to them their drug problem isn’t new as they think and he knows someone who works for Melanie peddling the drugs for favours.

Snowpiercer Episode 3 Review - Season 1

In the First Class of the Train, the occupants are getting unsettled by the death of Sean Wise and the latest uprising of the Tail. In order to distract them, Melanie pushes backwards the Fight Night, a night where the winner of a championship fight moves from the Third Class to Second Class. Is something going to happen during this fight? What will be revealed?

Bess Till, Andre’s supervisor, meets up with her girlfriend in Second Class and after some romping they discuss about the falsely put to sleep suspect of the first killing, Nikki. Till has a plan to prove Nikki’s innocence involving Melanie Cavil but unknowing to her, her girlfriend is in cahoots with Melanie.

Andre and Rock interrogate Oz, the brakeman exchanging Kronole for sexual favours and he lies to them about his supplier. After he goes straight to his supplier, head janitor Terrence and tells him what happened. Terrence is annoyed that his Kronole business is being poked into and arranges for a ‘warm welcome’ for Andre.

We are introduced again to the luxurious life of the First Class who despite all that Is going on, live as kings and queens. An analogy to society. However, Melanie is questioned by one of them, a lawyer, on why she wants to distract them and if Mr. Wilford is losing control.

The repairs of the part of the Train that was frozen off also is not going well and one of the engineers suggest something to Melanie involving the Tail which would more or less lead to a civil war. Till and Andre goes to see Nikki since she’s awake and Till’s girlfriend gives Melanie heads up.

She arrives to stop them but not before they find out something shocking about Nikki and involving the medical doctor as well. Together with Melanie they interrogate the doctor and Andre almost loses his shits when he sees Miles, his son’s cut hair in a sealed bag. Melanie takes him to see Miles and it is implied here that not all the children who made it from the Tail to the Train are safe. What are those children being used for?

Snowpiercer Episode 3 Review - Season 1

The Tailies also realize something which could cost them their lives or at least, put a he depression in their already derelict standard of living. They make plans to assimilate into their projected future.

Till and Andre go to Fight Night where Andre loses Till so that he can speak to Terrence, the head janitor. To get Mr. Wilford off his back, Terrence must give Andre something and he tells Andre who he saw Sean Wise last with before he died. Andre also asks for favour which is quite huge because he exchanges his wedding ring to Zara for it.

Nikki, in Kronole withdrawal, stumbles into the Fight Night and some occupants of the First Class see her. Comments are made and signals are given indicating that Nikki may be in danger.

Andre give Melanie an ultimatum to allow him to go and see Josie in the Tail before he tells her what he learnt from Terrence. Is there an ulterior motive behind this? And when Andre kisses Josie, does he slip from his mouth to hers?

In the final moments of the episode, the guy Terrence described to Andre is seen going on a killing spree in order to get a recently awoken Kronole addicted Sleeper. Nikki. We see the guy and realize his connection in the First Class just before he turns off the light and turns to Nikki.

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