Snowpiercer Episode 4 - Theories and Spoilers

Snowpiercer Episode 4 – Theories and Spoilers

Netflix orginal tv series Snowpiercer has really been a fun galore watching it. The betrayals, love, crime and  thrillers keep rising as we enter into a new episode. We are in the half section of Snowpiercer and so far we know the dystopian made is not going to be changed now as they have more years ahead. Marvytvseries has gathered a few theories to throw to it readers. Melanie, Andre, Erik, Lilah Junior and many others have taken an extreme course revealing tremendous act and attitude. This is worth watching. Now let’s share a few theories to you, just know that some will contain spoilers – sorry to burst your bubble.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Theories – Spoilers Alert

Snowpiercer Episode 4 - Theories and Spoilers

Why are the Tress on frozen Earth still alive?

In a glimpse of the wasteland that is now earth, we see that trees are very much alive but are frozen. One would expect that since everything was frozen, the trees would die also. We theorize that the trees were frozen to the extent that they are preserved. If that is so, then it would mean that there is still hope for the humanity and when the Sun does finally come out and melt the freeze away, there would still be trees to help humans live.


Will the First Class revolt and take charge of the Train.

When some members approach the Sergeant, there is talk of a coup d’etat and taking over the train and ‘taking care’ of Melanie Cavill? What would the Sergeant do? If he helps them to stage the coup, will they win? And if they don’t, what will happen to them and the consequences? We have a theory that no matter the outcome of the situation, there something brewing in the First Class, something that would threaten all lives on the Train.

Snowpiercer Episode 4 - Theories and Spoilers

What will Andre Layton do?

Now that Andre Layton has been saved from being the drawers, how will he take revenge on Melanie Cavill? And is he even in the right state of mind seeing as those who go into the Drawers don’t come back the same. We theorize that Andre Layton, if in the right state of mind, will plan everything out while no one notices that he is missing from the Drawers. And when he’s finally found out, he would execute his plans. It could also be that Andre Layton might pretend to have lost his memory or not in his right senses to take Melanie’s eyes off him. That way he will be able to have a detailed plan of the train and pass all important factors to his people.

Let’s see what future episodes hold…shall we?

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