Snowpiercer Episode 6 – What we Know So far

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Theories/Recap

Snowpiercer Episode 6 – What we Know So far

Snowpiercer Episode 4 - What we Know So far

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 6 – Theories

Who is Melanie Cavill?

This is perhaps one thing that has eluded a lot of viewers. When Melanie saves the Train by fixing the hydraulics underneath, we are once again faced how incredibly handy and knowledgeable she is. And we wonder, who really is this woman and what is her background? One thing this episode revealed was that she designed the Train. That would mean that Melanie is an exceptionally brilliant person as when the Train was being designed, she would have been a very young person.

Also, if she did design the Train, it would mean that Melanie knew Mr. Wilford and was close to him before the Train began moving. Were they related in anyway? How did she get to where she is and what did she have to sacrifice? Melanie is an enigma and we hope that subsequent episodes will reveal more insight on her.

Up until the 6th episode, viewers have constantly witnessed the close relationship between these two women. How did they meet and what brought them so close together? Considering that Melanie may have been in Third Class and Jinjuu is in Second Class, their relationship is more intriguing.

Marvytvseries has a theory that Jinjuu knows about the real identity of Melanie as the new Mr. Wilford and something relating to this in the past, was what brought them together.

Snowpiercer Episode 4 - What we Know So far

Is Zarah really pregnant for Andre Layton?

One of the revelations episode 6 gave to viewers was the fact that Zara was pregnant for Andre Layton. First question is, is the child really Andre Layton’s? And how come Astrid and Zara were happy when talking about it considering the fact that reproduction is very controlled on the Train.

Are they planning of using the child as a means to aid the Third Class in their schemes to obtain liberation and get back at the First Class?

Another thing we noted to was this, if Zara could get pregnant, does that mean women in Third Class are not strictly controlled to not give birth as compared to women in the Tail?

What is Dr. Pelton’s affiliation to the Tail?

As a member of the second Class, why is Dr. Pelton helping the Tail? Has it got something to do with how Melanie Cavill puts people to sleep in the Drawers and why? Also, we can’t help but wonder if Dr. Pelton is really on the side of the Tail and is not just a double agent working for Melanie or someone in First Class all along.

Did the original Mr. Wilford start the Drawers experiment?

When Dr. Pelton tells Andre about how there are 11 cars filled with people put sleep in Drawers and are being experimented on, we ask ourselves, is this a plan of the original Mr. Wilford or Melanie Cavill? If it’s the former, it would throw more insight on the character of the original Mr. Wilford. A brilliant man who would go to unimaginable lengths to achieve a purpose.

Snowpiercer Episode 4 - What we Know So far

The Blacklist

When Dr. Pelton reveals the existence of the Blacklist to Andre and Josie, viewers can’t help but wonder what is the real purpose of the Blacklist and why is Melanie afraid of people finding it? Andre questions her and she reveals it’s a selection of the best people on the Train in terms of expertise and talent who will be put to sleep in order to save humanity should anything go wrong on the Train. If that’s true, then Melanie stands the risk of chaos on the Train should people find out. They have sacrificed everything to be on the Train and they will not allow another sub selection to be made without them being part. Especially the First Class.


What Melanie plan to do with Miles Layton?

After Andre’s confrontation with Melanie and her saving the train, she visits the School and talks to Miles. Does she have an ulterior motive? As at now, we know that Melanie never does anything without having a reason for it. Could it be that she plans to use the young boy to stop any plans of Andre’s?

We are not fully aware of the extent of Melanie’s dexterity but one thing we are sure is this, she is willing sacrifice the life of a child just to stop chaos from erupting on the Train. At this we wonder, is she really wicked or just doing her job of trying to protect all the people on the Train.

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