Snowpiercer Episode 7 Review – Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 7 Review - Season 1

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 7 Review

Snowpiercer continues to tell its gripping tale of an icy dystopian world where what’s left of the world lives on a train and moves round and round without coming to halt.

A recap of the last episode, episode 6 is when the train is almost derailed and all life almost comes to an end but Melanie proves how resourceful she is and saves the train. Andre also goes on a personal vendetta against Melanie Cavill for what she’s done to him.

Snowpiercer Episode 7 Review - Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 6 Review

Snowpiercer episode 6 is a fierce, gripping, and suspenseful one riddled with betrayal, guilt, and unfortunately, an unforgettable scene.

After being released and now in a secret cabin, Andre and Josie plan to execute their plan in a just world on the train where there are no classes. Meanwhile, Melanie Cavill questions Dr. Henry Klimpt, who watches over those who have been drawered. Her inquiries lead her to Terrence, the head janitor, and further leads her to Zarah. Upon her discovery of Zarah’s role in Andre’s escape and her pregnancy, Melanie blackmails her. Zarah’s faced with a choice now to either betray her people or her child and either choice would have devastating consequences. In the end, Zarah chooses and viewers would be surprised.

As we recover from Zarah’s choice, Ruthie, vice to Melanie in Hospitality goes on a date with the Sergeant, and her background is revealed and how she got on the Train. However, there is another reason why the Sergeant asked her on the date. And the path she takes after what happens during the date would have caused a ripple effect on the Train. Viewers would also notice the chemistry between Ruthie and the Sergeant and the history of the Sergeant’s love life.

Snowpiercer Episode 7 Review - Season 1

Melanie Cavill begins her plan to weed out Andre Layton and does so by placing his son, Miles Layton in the engineering department, knowing very well that Andre would fight that and come out of the shadows. However, Andre and Josie use this to their advantage and when Miles is about to be sent away to Engineering, Josie and the doctor on their side devise a plan that leads to Josie having direct contact with Miles.

There is a bittersweet reunion between the two and Josie informs Miles of Andre’s plan. Miles agrees and Josie goes away.

Andre on the other hand meets Audrey from the Third Class and they arrange a meeting very important stakeholders from the Third Class. Andre tries to convince them to help him in his plan to make everyone equal on the Train.

After Zarah’s betrayal, Melanie goes for the one who helped Andre escape, Josie. But not before she is approached by Ruth who plans to warn her of the incoming insurgency by the First Class. Melanie harshly dismisses Ruth, seemingly leading Ruth down a path that would not end well for Melanie.

Melanie interrogates Josie painfully, much to the discomfort of Bess Till and when she takes a break, Bess Till goes to comfort Josie. Josie asks her to choose a side and Bess leaves after granting a request of Josie’s. Things go downward from here and what happens next is devastating, shocking, and will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of viewers and a wave of anger towards the culprit.

Bess Till, devastated by what happened, goes to see Andre Layton and informs him.

Audrey is seen singing in the club and all those watching admire her talent. While she’s singing, Lila Junior, LJ, who was not imprisoned because of what she knew, meets Andre unexpectedly. Andre approaches her and promises to tell her ‘the dirtiest little secret on the whole damn train.’

Snowpiercer Episode 7 Review - Season 1

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