Snowpiercer Episode 7 Theories and Info – Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 7 Theories and Info - Season 1

Snowpiercer Episode 7 – Season 1 – Learn More

Snowpiercer Episode 7 Theories and Info - Season 1

In the seventh episode of TNT’s Snowpiercer, Melanie intensifies her search for Layton, who is weaponizing Melanie’s secret, and Third Class faces a reckoning when Layton presents them with a choice.

As snowpiercer episode 7 goes on, here are a few details we would like to share with the fans of snowpiercer and also expect comments.


Snowpiercer Episode 7 Theories and Info – Season 1

What is the ulterior motive of the Terrence, the head janitor?

When Melanie Cavill figures out that Terrence also helped Andre Layton escape, he proposes a plan to bring Andre to her should he contact him. However, when Andre does so, Terrence instead tells Andre what he told Melanie and appears to be on his side. When he tells Andre that what he’s fighting for is impossible, we wonder, why then does he support Andre?

Is it possible that he has an ulterior motive and is playing both Melanie Cavill? After all, on the Train, everyone looks after themselves and the lead janitor has been known to care only about his drug peddling and the other janitors.

What did Josie tell Miles Layton?

When Miles is sent to the doctor for being sick, Josie is there and they are reunited once more. However, Josie tells Miles about Andre’s plan and whispers something else to him. Miles responds in the affirmative. This is very suspenseful as Miles is about to be taken to Engineering as an apprentice.

Could it be that what Josie whispered to Miles has something to do with his new role? Has Andre devised a plan to rather use Miles’ role to go against Melanie? What exactly is this new plan and who else does it involve?

What will Andre do to Zarah

Will Bess Till join Andre’s side now?

After the devastating death of Josie at the hands of Melanie Cavill, we see a very distraught Bess Till who had the chance to talk to Josie before she died and even helped her. Is this the tipping point for Bess Till who cannot stand when the wrong thing is being done? If she does join Andre’s team and works undercover, we do know that she will be an essential team member with the ability to gather info from Melanie and give it to Andre.

Is Ruth going to help the Fowlers and the Sergeant get rid of Melanie Cavill?

It seems not only the Tail and the Third Class are tired of Melanie Cavill. The First Class also is and when the Sergeant and the Fowlers approach Ruth to offer her Melanie’s position when Melanie is disposed of, Ruth is confused. However, when Melanie speaks to her harshly, Ruth’s choice is seemingly set. Will she agree to the terms of the Fowlers and the Sergeant?

We know that if she does, Melanie’s tenure could end abruptly as Ruth could betray in her a blink of an eye without her being aware. Also, should Ruth become the next head of hospitality, will she be fair and just or be preferential to the First Class since they helped her get that post.

What will happen if Melanie Cavill is disposed of or killed?

Everyone is out to get Melanie Cavill and after this episode, her allies remain fewer and fewer. Suppose she’s disposed of, what will happen to the Train seeing that she’s actually the new Mr. Wilford?

The First Class do not know this but should they find out, will it boost their morale to get rid of her much faster and take control of the Train? And if Andre and his team are the ones who get rid of her, how will they ensure a just system without the First Class vehemently disagreeing?

What will Andre do to Zarah?

Zarah betrays the Tail and in the end, Josie pays for it with her life. Andre’s ex causes Andre’s girlfriend’s death. Given the sorrow Andre felt after he’s told, will he go after Zara? And he does and Zara tells him she did it for their unborn child, what will be Andre’s reaction? Will he mellow and forgive Zarah for Josie’s death?

This will be particularly interesting.

What will Andre do to Zarah

What will Lila Junior, LJ, do with the info Andre gives her?

When Andre approaches Lila Junior in the semi-dark room, viewers might be expecting that Andre would unleash his anger on Lila and kill her however that doesn’t happen. Andre says he’s going to tell her the dirtiest secret on the Train. Probably that Mr. Wilson is dead and Melanie is the new Mr. Wilson.

What will Lila do with the info she’ll be given? Will she give it to her parents to use against Melanie or will she use It herself to blackmail Melanie Cavill? Also, why does Andre particularly want to give this piece of information to her? What does he want in return? Or could it be that he’s lost his mind over the death of Josie and doesn’t care anymore?

The next episode is definitely going to be a mindblowing one and we can’t wait to see the events that would unfold and their repercussions.

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