Snowpiercer Episode 8 Review - Season 1

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Snowpiercer Episode 8 Review - Season 1

Pandemonium. One word to describe the entire snowpiercer episode 8  is mind-blowing. This was riveting moment that viewers did have not pictured it coming soon.

In the previous episode 7 of Snowpiercer, viewers witnessed the tragic death of the tailie, Josie at the hand of Melanie Cavill and the repercussions that followed. Bess Till abdicated to join Andre Layton’s team and Andre Layton, in grief, hinted to LJ how one secret she would love to know will help his followers through Melanie over.


Snowpiercer Episode 8 Review – Season 1

Snowpiercer episode 8 starts off with a big bang. While studying in the Engine room, Miles Layton switches of some controls and lets LJ into the engine. There, they move into Melanie Cavill’s room but not before LJ does something which almost puts every plan Andre had in jeopardy. In Melanie’s room also, LJ finds out a secret Melanie has been keeping from all of them. LJ’s acting in snowpiercer episode 8 became one of the most annoying act ever – talking from a viewer’s experience. Having psychotic history, it is obvious the fate of Snowpiercer’s survival can be jeopardized by LJ.

Meanwhile, Bess Till and Jinju come to a confrontation when Bess tries to save her. The lies they kept from each other threaten their relationship.

When the Sargent informs Ruth that they’ve learnt the truth about Mr. Wilford no aboard on Snowpiercer, Ruth refuses to believe it and Melanie Cavill is called upon. Melanie, in a desperate need to absolve herself, tries to lie but the one person who knows for a fact that Mr. Wilford is not on the Train reveals herself and the events that follow are exactly what Andre Layton hoped would happen so he could go ahead with his plan.

Snowpiercer Episode 8 Review - Season 1

Andre on the other hand is enacting his plan. A plan that requires the help of all the Tailies and the Third Class. With the help of a brakeman we’ve all come to accept, they move through Third Class to the Tail and threats that they meet are dealt with in an unlikely way. Andre Layton believes there should be no division among the people on snowpiercer. He believes their revolution on Snowpiercer and their survival falls greatly on equality.

As Melanie is being sent to the same room she interrogated and killed Josie, she tries one last attempt to save one of the most important parts of Train and the people who are there presently. After her attempt, she is interrogated by Ruth where Melanie tells her the shockingly real truth of the origins of the Train and why she did what she had to do. Ruth doesn’t believe her and says something to her that sends chills down our spines and makes us wonder what will really happen.

In the Sleeper room, Dr Klimpt and a Tailie try to revive the other Tailies and are met with two discoveries. The later which would inevitably decide whether Andre’s plan would succeed or not.

With the help of Bess Till, Andre tries to convince the Lead Brakeman and all the others to rally behind him and their decision is one that would have an effect on Andre’s plan.

Snowpiercer Episode 8 Review - Season 1


Andre and his team, high on adrenaline, charge and plan to take over the Third Class, where almost every part of the Train depends on for manual labour. The pandemonium that ensues is bloody and lives are lost including some we have come to know. The Sargent and his team try a brutal approach to quell the fiery force that is taking over the Third Class.

Melanie Cavill waits in the interrogation room while all this is going on for her fate, which has been decided already.

After the pandemonium that ensues, the casualties overwhelm Andre and one of the people he thought couldn’t betray him and the Tail does and we are left wondering, what will happen now?

Snowpiercer Episode 8 Review - Season 1

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