Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Even Snowpiercer is an adaptation. That was classic Wilford

While the world froze and the other mega rich tried to hole up in bunker or upload their consciousness

Mr. Wilford dusted off his train set. Snowpiercer is his system. Systems resist change even without their maker.

I’m just a scientist. I’m here to save the world not change it. I know our chances of surviving are slim at best

All I can do about that is provide small moment of happiness on Snowpiercer. 1,001 cars long.


Snowpiercer Episode 4 – Recap-Preview-Spoilers

Jinju gives the narration of how far Wilford industries has come to stay. And how she found herself working with Wilford industries. You can see how instrumental Jinju is on the train and we can all say scientist before the dystopian were much needed.

As they keep going around the world, the train that never stops, mystery all around them. What is the world now like? Snowpiercer shows as the hierarchy and pyramid systems even in our real world. Let’s dive a bit deeper as more revealing has been made.

In episode 3 of Snowpiercer we all saw Erik walking to the health facility section, and as he “sinisterly” walks to the place, he gushes the guards head with his short bat.

If you noticed earlier, all information given to Andre Layton when he started investigation surrounded Erik but if you never thought that deep, realizing that scene may not really occur to you.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

In Snowpiercer all episodes released so far, Terrence has awkwardly shown the sinister psycho or serial killer look. Can we finally say he is the main killer with regards to all the murders? Well, LJ was part of the this whole plan. Ever wondered how weird she looks and talks to Erik.

Melanie Cavill is seen wondering and pondering about how to make Wilford train a better place. Bennett comes in to talk to Melanie about stepping down and not involving herself in everything.

Lead brakeman rushes to Layton to wake him up. Just as it happened, Melanie is called on phone to come and witness the unexpected crime that happened after the night fight.

In Snowpiercer the only great affair we have witness is Bess and Jinju, what could be linking them? The intimate between both people keeps growing, and it is interesting how they both referred to how all their places are gone. Just in a moment, Melanie calls Jinju to inform her about the case.

Dr. Henry breaks into tears, it seems Nikki Gennet was someone he really cared for, and in episode 1 and 2 we all see how he had time to dress Nikki.

The red tape in Melanie’s room symbolizes the revolution and how the train goes all around the world and never stops. That room with all the red lines is the room where thoughts are made and decisions are pictured, no doubt it has this appealing space.

Now we go back to whether Melanie is Mr. Wilford or she inherited everything from Mr. Wilford; this is the conspiracy theory surrounding Snowpiercer. She hints how she came from nothing to be something when she started sharing how Wilford industries work with Andre Layton.

The class of society exists on Snowpiercer, rules, laws anything you can think of. And that is how Jinju and Beth always have this intimacy moments together, the boarders, food etc.

Layton proved to Melanie indeed he is a detective. After witnessing the body of Nikki, Layton knew the killer is within the third and second class. All boarders were closed right after the fight night and it is clear Layton was right about what his intuition and analysis.

As we all know Layton is pushing to see the other side of the train, he is trying to connect the missing pieces when she was part of the tailies. Layton is trying hard to have a real map of the train.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

If you did not know Snowpiercer has always had a political subtext among it characters. If you don’t think so then “who are the folgers” these people looked like they made things possible for Mr. Wilford and this is why their request or opinion really matters to Melanie. Melanie tries her best to avoid chaos, riots, and insecurity issues and maintain the gap between the classes on Snowpiercer.

The tailies are really fighting to take over the train. They plant a chip into Josie’s arm for her to get access to the doors. Josie temperature is checked to see if she had any disease or virus – do you think this has something to do with the corona virus or COVID-19? Well, that is just a coincidence.

Others may be wondering how Josie got the chip, if you watched Snowpiercer season 1 episode 3, at the latter part when Layton kisses Josie, it wasn’t just a kiss. A transfer of message was done and that is the chip.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4 Spoilers

Later almost at the end of Snowpiercer episode 2 Layton is drugged by Melanie and kept in the drawers. Other viewers might be wondering why Melanie did that and will Andre stay in for long?

Spoiler Alert – Layton will not stay in the drawers forever and it is just going to be a short while in a few episodes ( we don’t want to give so much details) we have seen the trailer; a body moves out of the trailer and that signifies Layton waking up. Definitely we know Layton will be out of the drawers soon. Besides he is a lead character, why a lead character would be kept away during the scenes when these are not recaps of the characters.

Melanie does not know the communication going on between Layton and the tailies, but she highly suspects that Layton is trying to get more information. I do not understand the plan of Melanie of keeping Layton in the drawers. Why hide all your problems or bury them? It doesn’t work that way.

Already the tailies know Layton is missing and they will go out trying to find him only for Melanie to know she’s made a mistake.

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