Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Theories/Recap

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Theories/Recap

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Theories/Recap


Miss Audrey – I see now as the freeze killed everyone I ever knew.

I mistook my ticket to survival for freedom, but justice never boarded and Wilford double down with jackboot on our throats and a fat finger on the scales. Now some of us are ready to change his terms.

It will be perilous, filthy work. More precious souls may be lost. But we didn’t come this far to suffer this much to give in to the same tyranny that destroyed us in the first place.

Even on the frozen dead planet, humanity needs hope.For these are our revolutions on Snowpiercer 1001 cars long.

What We Know So Far In Snowpiercer In Episode 5

There is trouble, at some point, Melanie’s reaction wishes LJ was put behind bars as she surely believes she is guilty even if she is not guilty, order and safety is her priority. No one wants news traveling all around to disrupt the little piece on Snowpiercer.

It seems the messaging style between the tailies and Astrid. Winnie happens to find herself being a tool for the tailies.  Each one of them wants to be part as they plan to overtake the train.


Josie’s acting on the third class – Snowpiercer Episode 5

Josie shouldn’t have been walking in third class like a complete stranger. Now here is the catch. You are from the tail trying to move to the third to gather information and we know she is there to find out if Layton is okay. Upon entering she acts like she is new to the place. Yeah we understand how different it might have been for you when you were at the tail but this is not the time to be looking all around trying to be amazed about how the third looks. You have to focus and be quick as there is less time. We believe she was being slow and a scared –cat. And just as she loses guard, someone welcomes her with a knife in her throat. Good for her, she knows who she is looking for and her mission on the third class.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Theories/Recap

Avi knows the affair between Melanie and Bennet. How did he know?

Ever since the train became bumpy, Melanie needed to take a different direction and decision to supply power to all the classes on the train. Avi knew the effect on the train and also the havoc it could cause and decided to warn Melanie. But when you watch that episode, it was hard for Bennet to counter Melanie even though he knew Avi was right. Come on, every guy will have that perception or may think that way. Avi might have said it out of his intuition and there is no way his instinct could have been wrong. Just as Melanie sent a message to the tip of the train, Bennet tries to be defensive about how Avi reacts to Melanie’s message. Avi breaks the ice to bennet about the affair between him and Melanie.


Why did fear grip Beth when she saw Andre Layton and Why Did she help Josie

“He is supposed to be in the tail” To Beth the murder has been solved and he expects Layton to be back to where he belongs but finds him in the drawers. It wasn’t just a shock but fear got hold of her. Why did she panic? Melanie lied and that is what is making me her fear. Now she knows decisions taken by Mr. Wilford or Melanie may not be the real deal or may not be in favour of others. She has completely lost trust for Melanie. In other episodes of Snowpiercer she talks about how things are changing on the train and wish for better. Now, her chances of being happy and safe on the train will be less. Someone can be planning to sabotage her and it won’t be any news for that to happen, especially with her new upgrade kind courtesy of Jinju. She knew Layton was a good guy and he doesn’t deserve that. After all, Layton served his duty and deserves to be with his people not the drawers. She fears for her life and believes anything can happen to her.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Theories/Recap

Was justice served for the third class and LJ?

From unanimous decision, all selected judges announced LJ as guilty. But as we know “Mr. Wilford” changed that decision. Melanie is trying every single thing to keep the request of the Folgers granted. Although LJ shared some deep secrets or gave way some hidden information, she could have still been sentenced and kept in the drawers but decided to turn things around.

Why did Melanie do that? – It looks like she was threatened by Lilah and as she shared the story of LJ plugging her dad’s eyes out to Melanie, Lilah knew this was the way to win the case. Melanie also knew the havoc that could come forth to the train. The contribution of the Folgers to the Wilford industries might have been great as their requested are always prioritized and granted without hesitation. The jury feels sick and see the how worthless their work has been. Was justice really served for the third class? We are yet to see more of Snowpiercer.

Investigations presented against LJ were not clear but just a few conspiracy and analogy was used against her, but it still doesn’t mean she was innocent. The court works in a different way and we hope their decision taken now will be of less harm to all the classes on the train.


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