Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary – All Episodes

Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary - All Episodes

Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary – All Episodes

Set in a dystopian world, Snowpiercer Tv Series delivers quality content that even though may not be original and based on the 2013 movie, tackles issues such as social injustice, survival politics, and warfare that are analogies to the modern world.

The premise is this, in an attempt to reverse global warming, ice missiles are ejected towards the sky by the world’s top military and the effects are devastating. Instead of reversing global warming, earth’s atmosphere core is frozen and leads to the earth being frozen. As gradually earth becomes inhabitable, Mr. Wilford, the only one who predicted the effect of the ice missiles, built a gigantic and perpetually moving train in the ice dystopian world.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary - All Episodes

Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary

Snowpiercer Season 1 has ended, we had quite unimagined scenes which might have taken away a few suspense. Snowpiercer season 1 covered a lot of genre, featuring crime, thriller, mystery, romance etc.

All summary of snowpiercer episodes has been put together to give a detailed idea of what happened in each episode. Al episodes in snowpiercer had it titles giving an idea of the focus point in each episode


Snowpiercer Episode 1 – First, The weather Changed

Snowpiercer Episode 1 begins with a short animated history of how the world of Snowpiercer came to be, with mentions of severe climate change and a botched attempt to fix it. We then see the mad dash for seats on the Snowpiercer train, with crowds of people barely making it on, and families getting separated. We’re introduced to the “Tailies”, the lowest class on the train and their daily struggles for rations. This is contrasted by the pristine conditions of those further up the train. We’re also introduced to some main characters, like detective Andre Layton, a leader of the Tailies, and Melanie Cavil who serves as chief engineer and the mouthpiece of the enigmatic Mr. Wilford. There’s also a passenger imprisoned for a murder on the train who will be crucial later on. This episode also lays the groundwork for future plot points, like a planned rebellion from the Tailies, and the murder that needs solving in the third-class compartment of the train. The episode ends with a surprising reveal that there is no “Mr. Wilford”, and Melanie has been pretending to be him for some time now, controlling the train through this means.


Snowpiercer Episode 2 – Prepare to Brace

Episode 2 begins with the brutal aftermath of the tallies’ attempted uprising. A distraught mother takes a gruesome punishment meant for her daughter, and Melanie reassures the first-class passengers about their safety. Snowpiercer is in trouble though, and resources will have to be further tightened to maintain the speed and power. Layton continues with his investigation into the murder, and we get to see more of the Snowpiercer train, including the “sleeper cabin” where prisoners are put into induced comas, and where the now-innocent prisoner (whose name is Nikki) is being awakened.  We’re introduced to the shady denizens of the night car, here Layton undergoes some memory regression therapy, showing bits of his life before the train. Later during the autopsy of the murder victim, a finger is pointed to the cattle butchers of the train, but a devastating avalanche destroys the compartment before they’re questioned. They are still able to find some evidence, and pressure mounts to resolve the case. The episode ends with Layton making maps and plans for another rebellion, and his son Miles being selected to move up-train and be educated, and Melanie deciding how best to deal with the new restrictions.


Snowpiercer Episode 3 – Access Is Power

Episode 3 begins with a montage of how Snowpiercer’s barter system works, as Melanie continues to placate the first-class passengers after the previous episode’s events. Layton continues with his investigation, with accusations now being made to those in first class. He’s also lead to the sleeper cabin, where we see the full extent of the barter system, with people trading drugs, jewelry, favors, and even sub-dermal access chips. Layton is told about Mile’s good fortune, and this is dangled over him to get his cooperation. The conspiracy thickens during the night’s scheduled “fight night” where people have a chance to change their fortunes and permanently move up the train. Layton speaks with one of the people in charge here and makes a trade with his wedding ring. Unfortunately, Nikki is killed by a bodyguard from an influential first-class family, the Folger’s, before any information can be extracted from her. The episode ends with Layton being allowed to see his train-wife for a short time, but not before exchanging the item he bartered his wedding ring for an upper-class access chip.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary


Snowpiercer Episode 4  – Without the Maker

Episode 4 begins with the discovery of the murdered Nikki. Layton, Melanie, and others gather round to discuss strategy and eventually figure out that the killer must be from the first class. As they plan to capture the killer, the tailies also have their plans on how to use Layton’s bartered access chip, with Josie going undercover as a cleaner. Melanie and Layton then go to the first-class cabins to interview those who were at last night’s fight event, and there the Folger’s daughter mentions that the family bodyguard is missing and left the fight early. We get to know more about him and how ruthless he is. The bodyguard meanwhile skulks around in the second class cabins, looking for an escape. He’s found out and the border guards give chase, but he’s soon captured and killed by security. Meanwhile, Layton correctly deduces that the Folger child is the true killer, working with her bodyguard. With the case resolved and she in custody, Melanie and Layton share a drink, but Layton is drugged and put in the sleeper cabin for figuring Melanie’s secret.


Snowpiercer Episode 5 – Justice Never Boarded

Episode 5 begins with the trial of LJ and her parent’s attempts to stop it. When the third class denizens ask for one of their own on the tribunal to pass judgment, the first-class citizens refuse but Melanie grants their request eventually, partially due to a veiled threat from the leader of the night car. Meanwhile, news of Layton’s disappearance reaches the tail and they go looking for him. LJ’s trial begins and despite the damning evidence shown, she’s declared not guilty by the jury. Meanwhile, Josie, with the help of third class denizens finds Layton in the sleeper cabin but is discovered by two border guards, Bess and john with Bess attacking john to give Josie and Layton a chance to escape. He’s taken to the night car to recover. The episode ends with Layton suffering from the effects of being locked in the pods, having disturbing flashbacks to an earlier incident at the tail of the train. Meanwhile, Bess goes back to the sleeper cabin to find a blood trail and john missing.


Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary


Snowpiercer Episode 6 – Trouble Comes Sideways

We begin episode 6 with scenes of the impending strike action of the third class passengers. The critical state of the train doesn’t help matters either. Layton and Josie seek help from a sympathetic doctor, and more details of the secret deals on the train are revealed. Meanwhile, john blackmails Bess with the events of the previous episode. Layton tells Josie the truth about Melanie and plans to kill her given the chance. Throughout all this the train slowly begins to derail, forcing Melanie and her engineers to narrowly fix it and restore order, but not before she is cornered and almost killed by Layton, a situation she talks herself out of. With the train fixed and celebrations all around, the planned strike by the third class cabins is thwarted.



Snowpiercer Episode 7 – The Universe is indifferent

We begin with Melanie interrogating and threatening the head janitor for information on their planned strike. Layton meanwhile tries to recruit allies from the night car for his revolution. The Folgers also lead a coup attempt against Melanie and begin by trying to recruit her friend Ruth to their cause. Josie meets up with miles in the hospital while he’s ill, to pass on information about the rebellion. Unfortunately, she’s sold out by Zarah after she was threatened by Melanie. Melanie tortures her to no avail, then she dies in an attempt on Melanie’s life. Layton is still trying to get the other cabins on his side for the rebellion, but his resolve is tested when Bess informs him of Josie’s death. The episode ends with him mourning her, while at the engine room, Melanie introduces miles to his new life as an engineer.

Snowpiercer Episode 8 – These Are His Revolution

Episode 8 begins with the start of the rebellion! Layton and his allies throughout the train study their maps and take their positions while spreading the truth about Melanie and Mr. Wilford. The Folgers and their first-class allies also plan the overthrow of Melanie and imprison her. One of the engineers also defects to the Folger’s side. With Layton reunited with his tailie family, word soon gets to the guards about the rebellion and they deploy their forces. The tailies also manage to free some of their allies imprisoned in the sleeper cars since episode 1 of Snowpiercer. There are several bloody skirmishes throughout the train, with many lives lost and bloodshed, but the tailies count their losses and move on. The episode ends with a reawakened Pike eating chocolate cake and offering his help to capture Layton for the first-class conspirators.


Snowpiercer Episode 9 – The Train Demanded Blood

Episode 9 begins with Melanie among prisoners, just as one of them is selected to be executed. The first-class forces discuss what to do with Melanie, and Pike goes to see Layton and tell him about the first class’s offer for his surrender. Melanie barely escapes with some help and joins Layton’s side with a bold plan to disconnect a section of the train with their enemies still inside. They make a show of surrendering to the Folgers, but soon escape and fight their way to the other side of the train to escape the decoupling; however not everyone makes it, and some of the prisoners are left behind. Those in the abandoned section watch on in horror as the rest of the train leaves without them. The episode ends with a distraught Layton meeting up with Melanie, the takeover complete.

Snowpiercer Season 1 Summary

Snowpiercer Episode 10 – 994 Cars Long

The final episode of the first season of Snowpiercer begins with mourning and reflection over the events that occurred, and Layton’s new role as the de-facto leader of the train. There are some chaos and looting, but they promise to put an end to it, and LJ finds herself cast out and without friends. Melanie finally confronts her memories about her daughter whom she left behind. The engineers keep picking up a broadcast of music coming from a location that should be abandoned, worrying them. Melanie calls Layton to the bridge and explains to him their situation and he makes the call to slow down Snowpiercer to get a better read on the signal. Their curiosity soon turns to horror when Melanie realizes that there’s another train out there, Big Alice, which is now trying to catch up and board them. Those still loyal to Wilford see this as his return, creating further division. Layton heads to the back of the train to try and stop this, while Melanie heads out on top of the train to try and manually uncouple the trains. The season ends with the trains halted, Melanie stranded outdoors in a maintenance suit, and a young girl emerging from Big Alice, claiming to be Melanie’s long lost daughter!

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