How Was The Selection Made On Snowpiercer Tv Series-Train

Snowpiercer Tv Series Season 1

Snowpiercer Tv Series Season 1 


Snowpiercer Tv Series; Food-Train-Reproduction

It’s been less than 14 days since Snowpiercer was premiered and there have been so many interesting question revolving around this show. We have seen it all, a train moving around without stopping. That same train carries the rest of the world as the earth is now inhabitable. Snowpiercer has taken series of different dimension even though the story line highlights the murder case on the train and the revolution.

So many questions have been gathered from many sources concerning the Tv series and it is important we throw some light on what we think might be true and extra entertaining information.


How is Order kept on the Train and how were the Classes made?

With such a large number of people in a semi-confined space, how is order kept so that crime and disorderliness is not rampant? A theory is that the large number of armed men seen in the first episode instill a sort of innate fear in the people causing them to not misbehave and risk death or a worse fate. People on the train also know that you can be punished and that punishment is worst than being in jail. When people are punished, they are kept in drawers and this is termed as suspension. You are frozen to a point where you can be re-awoken.

How Was The Selection Made On Snowpiercer Tv Series-Train

And how was the class system made on the train? Was it based on the contribution of each country, catering for the needs of its people or it was based on the individual effort of each person that either sorted them into first class, second class or third class. In that case, if only the rich could afford first class and second class, what benefits did it come with and what were the poor who were able to make it to the train not getting? This is a confusing and very captivating scene; why say so? because in episode one we heard one of the folgers, a lady on the train requesting to go to third class to have a noodle? could it be that she is tired of the food on the first class or she just wants to move away to see what was on the third class. But looking at that scene, especially with her demeanor, she is tired of staying on first class

On the other hand, we get the notion that, your ticket shows the class you go, and I believe after the wealthy people who survived got a slot on the train, the rest of the people were spread across in the train. The again, it may not necessarily mean others could not afford the ticket, but however it availability and space on the train was a big factor.

Now let’s imagine you are a very wealthy person and also you have on chance to take your family to the moon to survive, because of your wealth you can bring in more numbers and occupy more space. In that case tho who may individually be willing to pay for a space may not get because of the number an individual booked for the flight to the moon. If you might have contributed to the building of spaceship to the moon to survive, then you become part of the builders, at that point you already have a spot and no need to pay. All because you investment is rolling in that technology. Now that is the case we see in Snowpiercer.

Snowpiercer Tv Series; Food-Train-Reproduction

How is Food Grown and does Water never run out?

Although we are told that there are 130 cars on the train for agriculture needs, how the fresh fruits and vegetables and foodstuffs grown? We all know that they require soil with microbes and essential nutrients. Does it mean that in a near future, scientists have revolutionized the agriculture industries and now plants can be grown on other mediums. Even in our current world, there other mediums to grow plants besides soil.

In the case of water, how is it that the train never runs out of water for its people? A theory is that there is an advanced system on top of the train that collects condensed water at night and filters it and delivers it to a portion of the train to be redirected to various places. Yes, and on the train there is this close revolution and recycling. Nothing goes waste and nothing should be thrown off the train. Because of scarcity purposes and the time they are in now. There are more years ahead of them as they move around the earth and never stops.

Lastly, How is Reproduction Controlled?

When the dredges of the ship had their food rations lowered, they complained of their women being sterilized also. Does this apply to the entire train and how is it done?Snowpiercer Tv Series; Food-Train-Reproduction

Obviously, the population would have to be controlled so that overpopulation does not occur but how is the selection made? Because not all the women are sterilized or else the population on the ship would die out. This is a very compelling point we will be looking into. On what basis are women sterilized? Maybe not all of the women are sterilized, only those at the tail have gone through that stage so to avoid over population on the train.

The theories in Snowpiercer are numerous and with only the first episode out, viewers can expect that in subsequent episodes, the questions we have would be answered and maybe they would be mind-blowing.

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