Squid Game Episode 1 Review – Season 1

Squid Game Episode 1 Review - Season 1

Squid Game Season 1; Episode 1 Review

Squid Game Episode 1 Review - Season 1


In Episode 1 of Squid game season 1, we see a group of children playing a game on a court shaped like a squid, which introduces us to the notion of a squid game. The game pits two teams against each other, the Offense and the Defense. Once the game starts, the defense may sprint about with two feet inside the lines, while the offensive can only hop on foot outside the lines. If an offense member passes the defense and cuts through the squid’s waist, they are allowed to use both feet; if a defensive member succeeds in driving the offense beyond the squid’s boundaries, the member figuratively dies.


Squid Game Episode 1 Review

The story begins with the life of the protagonist, Seong GI-Hun (Lee Jung-jae), a guy who became addicted to gambling to the point he started stealing from his mum to support his habit. He has a daughter Ga-Yeong who now lives with his Ex-wife and her husband due to his inability to financially support her. He was also in debts to the tune of millions of wons, which he couldn’t afford to pay Gi-hun was at it again, this time winning a bet of 4 million won, but his joy was short-lived as he was confronted by a loan shark who was following him due to his existing obligations. Gi-hun decides to flee, but is met by a pickpocket who stole his recent profits. The loan shark then offered him a deal in exchange for signing away his bodily rights, claiming that if he couldn’t pay his expenses after a month, he would have to surrender his kidney and eye as payment.

Squid Game Episode 1 Review

Later that day, Gi-hun encounters a man on the subway who plays ddakji with him. The rules were simple: if Gi-hun wins, the man pays him 100,000won, and if the man wins, Gi-hun does the same. However, because Gi-hun had no money, the man decides to slap him for every win until Gi-hun finally won. Following the game, the man tells him about other games where he can earn more money.

As interesting as it sounds Gi-hun is given a business card to call if he is interested and willing to participate. Gi-hun is overjoyed with his victory, but things take a gloomy turn when he learns from his mother that his daughter and her entire family would be relocating to the United States. Gi-hun could put a stop to this if he could demonstrate to his daughter that he was financially dependable. After a time, Gi-hun chooses to play the game that the guy introduced him to in order to generate more money to pay off his debts and gain custody of his daughter. After being put out by an unknown gas. Gi-hun awakens in a strange room with 456 other individuals, all of whom are players who are being watched by a group of persons wearing red hooded coats and masks.

Not long after, a battle breaks out between player 101 and player 067, who were formerly buddies but are now foes. Gi-hun tries to halt the battle but can’t help but realize player 067 is a thief who stole his money some time ago.

Squid Game Episode 1 Review
Players were made aware that everyone in the room will be participating in six different games over six days. Before the first game, each player was requested to fill a permission form and have their photos taken. Those who win all six games will be awarded a sizable monetary reward. The actual amount of money was not divulged to the players, but they were told that it would be significant. The first game was named “Red Light Green Light,” and it features a gigantic robot female standing across the room.

The regulations were straightforward: participants had five minutes to cross a finish line. However, there was a catch: players could only continue ahead when the robot girl said “Green light,” and they had to halt when she said “Red light.” If a player moves after the red light, he or she is eliminated, and those who reach the finish line without being eliminated within five minutes pass the first game. Players whose movements were detected after the red light were shot and murdered, causing bewilderment and panic among the remaining players. Gi-hun stumbled but was saved by another player called Ali, and they both reached the finish line before the five minutes were up.

As the program concludes, we learn that the games are being hosted on an island in a faraway place.

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