Squid Game Episode 3 Review

Squid Game Episode 3 Review – Season 1

Squid Game Episode 3 Review

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Joon-ho opens this episode (Squid game season 1 episode 3) by following a group of vehicles down to Moojin harbor. These are the vehicles that came around to pick the players for their next game. He observes as all the vehicles carrying the players prepare to board a ship bound for an unknown destination as they arrived at Moojin
harbor. Joon-ho sneaks onboard the ship, knocks down a guard, steals his uniform, and attempts to
blend in with the other guards.

187 people returned to play the game out of the original 201. Gi-hun agreed to create a group alongside
Sang-woo, Ali, and Player 001(Oh II-nam) in order to aid each other in the upcoming games. Player 101
(Deok-Soo), who was dreaded by virtually everyone, was establishing his own gang.

As the day drew to a conclusion, all active staff were required to return to their quarters. The staff
including the guards, did not have as much flexibility as we had anticipated. There were regulations that,
if broken, resulted in harsh punishment, and they were also watched by people in charge 24 hours a
day. They had the same countdown clock in their rooms as the participants in their games, which
dictated the length of their daily activities. Joon-ho who is now a guard also returns to his room.
Joon-ho is now in his room, but still dressed, since he knew that if he did something wrong or if his face
was seen, he might be suspected. There are cameras all throughout the game fields, and their live feed
is always monitored by other guards, including the front man.

Squid Game Episode 3 Review - Season 1
The next game begun with four shapes on a wall: a circle, a triangle, a star, and an umbrella, participants
were to select one shape from each and line up in front of it. Gi-hun and his friends decided to split off
and pick various shapes. Gi-hun chose the umbrella, Ali chose the circle, Sang-woo chose the triangle,
and Oh Ii-nam chose the star. The regulations were straightforward. Each participant was instructed to
take a container from a table in front of the line. The game’s name was Honeycomb, and each container
contained a honeycomb. Using a needle, each participant had to remove the shapes they picked, from
the honeycomb. The time restriction was ten minutes, and any player who did not finish by the deadline
was eliminated.

The game begins, and each participant proceeds to cut out their shapes. The umbrella was clearly the
most difficult to cut out, while the triangle was the simplest. Before the game began, Sang-woo
discovered a piece of paper with the words “Honeycomb” in his croissant, and when the players were
relocated to the game room, we watched Sang-woo reminiscing about his childhood memories of
playing the game. So it was apparent that Song Woo had a good concept regarding the game but did not
share it with anyone.

Most of the competitors were murdered instantaneously after breaking their honeycombs a few
minutes into the game, but others, like Sang Woo and Ali, were able to cut out their shapes and where
allowed to leave the game room. Gi-hun, who was still trying to figure out how to carve out the shape,
decided to lick it out from the honeycomb, and it seemed to work. Player 212(Han Mi-nyeo) was able to
cut out her shape by utilizing a lighter she snuck in. She handed the lighter to Deok-soo as she walked
out. Reason was, she wanted to join his group, but he refused, so this was a method to keep the
planned partnership alive. Other players joined in when they spotted Gi-hun trying to lick his shape out
including Oh II-nam who later succeeded.

Squid Game Episode 3 Review - Season 1
Gi-hun finishes just in time, just as one player loses control and stabs one of the guards in the eye, grabs
his gun, and holds one of the other guards as hostage, threatening to kill him. The other guards
eliminated all players who failed to carve out the shape before the time limit expired. The player holding
the guard hostage demanded the guard takes of his mask, which he did. When the player discovers that
the guard was no less than a 19 year old he shoots himself.
The Front Man enters the game room right away, and we see him kill for the first time. He shoots the
guard who was being held hostage and warns the other guards that if a player discovers a guard’s
identity, he the guard would be killed immediately. Following this occurrence, boxes resembling caskets
were brought in to promptly pack all of the eliminated contestants’ remains, and the show comes to a

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