Squid Game Episode 6 Review; Season 1

Squid Game Episode 6 Review; Season 1

Squid Game Episode 6

Squid Game Episode 6 Review

The episode 6 of squid game opens with the guards scrutinizing all of the game’s surviving players. The Front Man
promptly gives the command to begin the following game. All participants were to quickly follow the
guard’s directions and make their way to the gaming hall. As the players approach the gaming hall, they
discover player 111, along with four other guards, killed and hanged in the middle of the player’s

We find Joon-ho in a hidden compartment photographing documents containing information about
previous squid game players. Suddenly, a phone rings, and as Joon-ho approaches it, the Front man
steps in, and Joon-ho immediately hides. The Front Man picks up the phone and walks away. The front man knew one way or the other whoever is tracing and tracking them is still in the premises.

Squid Game Episode 6 Review
The participants are now in a room where they are informed that they will be competing in teams of
two, and that each player must pick a partner. As each player looked for a mate, we discover that player
212 is being snubbed once more, this time by everyone. She receives no partner and is left alone. Gi-hun, who was also without a partner, coupled up with player 001. The game is about to start, and player 212 is being hauled out of the room.
The participants enter a certain room to begin the following game. Each squad was allotted a position,
and each participant received a sack containing ten marbles. The rules were simple: in 30 minutes, each
member would play a game of their choice with their partner, and the one who managed to grab all ten
marbles from their partner wins.
As each side picks which game to play, player 001 and Gi-hun have yet to decide, owing to player 001’s
inability to prepare. Gi-hun is able to persuade player 001 to play a game after some coaxing.

Sang-woo, on the other hand, paired up with Ali, and after numerous rounds of their game, Sang-woo is left with
only one marble; he becomes enraged and attempts to start a fight with Ali, but with the guard there, it is futile. Sang-woo was one of the most desperate players in squid game. His desire and the extent to win a game was so high that his conscience never gave him up.  He knew the rules and he was ready to eliminate anyone who stands in his way. Squid Game Episode 6 Review; Season 1

Sang-woo fools Ali into taking his marbles and replaces Ali’s with stones; he now has both his marbles and Ali’s in his possession, passes it over to the guards, and leaves Ali for dead.

Deok-soo, who was also losing to his partner, asked to play another game, which was allowed. Sae-byeok and her companion (player 240), on the other hand, had yet to determine which game they would play and for minutes it was all about chatting.

Gi-hun and player 001 are still at it, and after numerous rounds, player 001 is down to one marble. Sae-byeok and her partner decide to play a game, but her partner, who was uninterested in the game, holds
back and let Sae-byeok win.

Player 001, who still has one marble in his hands, quits playing and begins roaming about. After a long conversation with Gi-hun, he gives Gi-hun his final marble without a game, and he loses. During the game time of Il-nam (player 001) and Gi Hun(Player 456) there was huge suspicion. Player 001 seemed relaxed and very generous in the game. While other competitors playing the marble game were ready to tear each other apart in order to survive.

Squid Game Episode 6 ReviewEach player who lost eliminated instantly by a bullet in the head. This time it was very cruel and painless. Players that watchers were suppose to see in episode 7 of squid game were eliminated including Il-Nam and Ali. This marble game was just a game of luck, strategy and deceit. Some players were deceitful, others used forced, others sacrificed and others gave up easily.

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