Squid Game Episode 7 Review

Squid Game Episode 7 Review

Squid Game Episode 7 Review

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 7 Review

Squid game episode 7 begins with the collection of all the dead participants from the previous game.
When the players returned to the dormitory, they are surprised to find player 212 alive and well in her
bed. Everyone believed she was eliminated because she didn’t find a partner during the previous game.

The Front Man on the other hand still pursues Joon-ho as he believes he is still at the venue.
In prior episodes, we hear the Front Man speak about a group of people known as VIPs who watch the
current games for amusement and are essentially the sponsors of it. These VIPs have chosen to be
physically present at the game venue in order to experience the game firsthand. In the following scene,
we see the Front Man get a message informing him of the VIPs’ arrival.

We eventually observe a bunch of people wearing gold colored animal masks arriving to the game
grounds, and we think they are VIPs. They had a meeting set with the game’s host (whose name is
concealed), but this appointment was postponed for undisclosed reasons.
Joon-hu, looking for a way out, kidnaps a guard, not just any guard, but one assigned to service the VIPs.
He gets into his uniform, takes his place, and attempts to blend in.

Squid Game Episode 7 Review

Back in the dormitory, we find a squad of guards bringing a casket, and it is revealed that player 069 had hung himself overnight. The fifth game is about to begin, and there are just 16 players left out of the 197 that returned.
As the Front man explains the next game to the VIPs, the participants are brought to the gaming hall for their next game.

The participants enter a room containing 16 mannequins, each wearing a vest with a number affixed on it ranging from 1 to 16. Each participant had to select a mannequin and put on the accompanying vest. Except for Gi-hun, who had no option but to accept the last vest because it was the only number left, all players took their vests and made their way to the game field.

All of the participants are now present in the gaming room. The game’s name was “Glass Stepping
Stones.” The rules were easy to understand. There was a two-column bridge with two types of glass,
tampered glass and conventional glass. The tampered glass can hold the weight of two people, but the
standard glass can only handle the weight of one person. Each player must evaluate if the next two
bridge tiles are tampered or normal glass on his or her turn. A player wins the game if he or she
correctly predicts and crosses the bridge. The players must adhere to the numbers printed on their
vests.The game begins according to the numbers on their vest, and Player 01 is falls and is eliminated,
followed by the other players, but no one is successful. Players 1–8 have been eliminated, leaving
players 9–16. Deok-soo, who is player 9, is perplexed as to his next move because he may be eliminated
in the process, and he begins instilling terror and panic in the other players by tossing player 10 off the
bridge (eliminating him). Due to Deok-treachery, soo’s Player 11 sacrifices herself by jumping over the
bridge with him against his will, killing them both.

Squid Game Episode 7 ReviewThe game continues as more participants are eliminated, leaving just four contestants: player 017, Sang-woo, Sae-byeok, and Gi-hun. Player 017, who had previously worked for a glass production firm, was
able to distinguish the difference between tampered and conventional glasses; as a consequence of this
talent, the remaining four were able to reach the far end of the bridge. The Front Man, who later
discovered this skill, decided to change the game system so that the glass could not be identified by
player 017, which unfortunately worked, putting the remaining players at a disadvantage.
To decide the next step Sang-woo pushes player 017 from his tile to the next tile to determine if its
tampered or normal glass, unfortunately it was normal glass so it braked and player 017 fell which
meant his elimination. Finally Sang-woo, Sae-byeok and Gi-hun made it off the bridge making them the
winners and the remaining survivors of the game. Just after they crossed they the bridge, it exploded.

The episode comes to an end as after Joon-hu knocks out a VIP and makes him unconscious, steals a
dive pack and makes way for his escape. He is now on the run as he is being pursued by the Front man
and his guards.

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