Squid Game Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Squid Game Episode 4 Review – Season 1

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Squid game season 1 episode 4 begins right after the previous game, we see a guard bringing player 111 to a hidden area, but another guard on duty at the time deletes the CCTV tape of the scene. Back in the dorm, Gi-hun
begins to believe Sang-woo isn’t being completely honest about the previous game, but he keeps his
suspicions to himself.

Meal time had arrived, and all players were to line up and receive their food as soon as possible. Deok-soo and his party thought the food they were provided was insufficient, so they returned to the line to
receive more. The candidates continued to receive their meals until there were only 5 contestants left,
at which point the dinner prepared for the contestants had run out.
The lunch had been prepared to meet the exact number of attendees, indicating that some players had
taken extra. Deok-soo and his crew are identified as the extras by a lady. Player 271 became enraged
and started a fight with Deok-soo and dies in the process.

As previously stated, each person is worth 100 million won, and if a player dies or is eliminated, the monetary award increases.
Finally, we see player 111 with a bunch of guards; it just so happens that the guards with player 111 had
their own secret objective, and they required player 111 to complete it. Player 111 receives a clue for
each upcoming game in exchange for this service.

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 4 Summary
As a result of the earlier killing, all hell broke loose later that night after light out. There was mass
murder, with the stronger players murdering the weaker ones. Gi-hun rushes over to player 001 to see if
he’s okay, but when he doesn’t find him in his bed, he and his gang begin looking for him.
Player 067, who is being pursued by Deok-soo, joins Gi-hun and his gang for protection against Deok-soo
and his group. There comes a loud cry at the very top of all the beds, and we realize that it is from player
001, he begins pleading on top of his voice begging all players to stop the murderous acts.
After the event, we learn that player 001’s name is Kang Sae-byeok.

The next game is ready to begin, and all participants are to form a team of 10. Players begin to get hints about the next game requiring strength, so each team, including Gi-hun’s, was looking for able-bodied men. Player 212, who had previously done everything in her power to secure a place in Deok-soo’s group, is ignored by him since he was only looking for able-bodied men to join his team.
After a few minutes, Gi-hun and his team still don’t have enough members; they walk about looking for
more members, and their recruits fail to match their expectations. They were eventually down to 9
members and needed one more to complete the squad when Player 212, who had been rejected by Deok-soo, unexpectedly appears and joins their team.
All players are moved to the game grounds, the guards proclaim the game to the participants as “Tug-of war,” and there are two big platforms with space in between.

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 4 Review

To win, each side must tug the rope towards their platform in an attempt to dump their opponents down below. There were eight teams in all, and each team was given a number ranging from 1 to 8.
The first team, Deok-soo’s squad, was summoned to the platform alongside their opponent team, team
7. Both teams 1 and 7 are facing each other on the two platforms, with a large distance between them
(Their hands have been locked with locks to the rope so once a team is pulled to the huge space
between the platform, there is no escape). The game begins, and we can plainly see how team 7 is trying
to keep up. Team 1 seizes control of the situation, and they are able to win by removing every member
of team 7.
The following round pitted team 4, Gi-hun’s squad against team 5. Team 4 is made up of three females,
six capable men, and one elderly guy, whereas the opposing team is made up of ten capable men. We
could tell that team 4 had no chance because the cornerstone of this game was strength. As each squad
neared the platform, the members of team 4 were unsure as the elderly man (player 001) within them
assisted them in devising a strategy.
The episode comes to an end as we see both teams struggling to be the victor of the game.

In Squid game season 1 episode 4, it is identified how strategy and team work plays a huge role in our lives. The tug of war game in squid game was a moment of misery and full of horror. A great sporting activities but built fear and terror in the eyes of every single player.

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