Squid Game Episode 6 Review; Season 1

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 6 

Squid Game Episode 6 Review; Season 1

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The next game was yet to be started and all players were required to make a team of two for the next game. Player 212 didn’t get a match, hence she unfortunately didn’t partake in the game.

This time they played the game of marbles. Each player was given ten marbles to indulge in whatever games with each other, the player who looses all ten marbles to his or her opponent will be eliminated. Player 218 team up with player 199 to play, fortunately player 199 had better lucks and almost won player 218 marbles but player 218 outsmarted him to trade his marbles for stones whiles player 456 outsmarted player 001 due to his health complications (Dementia).Squid Game Episode 6 Review; Season 1

Player 101 teamed up with player 278 to play, player 278 was winning their first choice of game but player 101 quickly asked them to switch and play another game which player 101 won all ten marbles from player 278. Player 067 teamed up to play with player 240, but as player 240 shared life stories with player 067 she decided to make it a suicide game for player 067 to win because player 240 thinks player 067 has lots of reason to get out of that game complex and she (Player 240) didn’t. Player 456 thought he was outsmarting player 001, so player 001 lured him to a room and questioned him if that’s really how to treat a friend.

But then player 001 gave in and told player 456 how he has made the later part of his life filled with experiences of his young age and complimented him for that because to him (player 001) it was a good way to travel to the unseen world

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