Squid Game Season 1 Episode 9 Summary

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 9 Summary

Squid Game Episode 9 Recap

Player 218 and player 456 had to confront each other for the final games, they’ve known each other since they were kids. The final game was called Squid Game, they listened to the instructions and player 456 was playing as a attacker whiles player 218 was defender.

They approached to share a few words when player 456 threw sand into the eyes of player 218 to his advantage to move in to the Squid circle. They struggled and battled each other until player 456 knocked played 218 down and he was completely defenseless but player 456 couldn’t proceed to kill him because he didn’t want to leave with such guilt for the rest of his life, hence he requested for a clause in the rules which state that games can be canceled when both players choose to stop playing. But player 218 accept his defeat and took his own life. Player 456 was declared the winner of the game and he won 45billion. Even though player 456 won the money, he couldn’t spend it because his guilt and conscience won’t allow him. His mom was dead when the game officials dropped him off at his vicinity. So he got a similar invite as the previous one to visit someone in a building. Upon reaching there he was amused to see player 001 lying in his sick bed with oxygen support to enhance him to breath properly. He was shocked and angry but player 001 tried to explain everything to him and the reasons behind why he and few of his friends decided to invent such a game.

Squid Game Episode 9 Summary

Player 456 made peace with himself and went for player 067 kid brother and sent him to player 218 mom to take care of him, he left them a traveling bag filled with cash and decided to make a trip to the USA to visit his daughter. To his surprise he saw history repeat itself again at the train station as a man was slapped playing the same game he played earlier before been invited to the game complex to play. He quickly went over but the guy has already joined the train and left a card for the participant he just played with. Player 456 quickly took the card from him and told him there’s no need to get involved with such adventure. Player 456 called the number on the card he just took from the guy and noticed they were recruiting new participants for another upcoming game. He then told them they’re human and not horses but he was asked to shut his mouth and enjoy his money, player 456 then decided not to travel and vigorously turned his back as he walks out.

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