Stargirl Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Stargirl Episode 2 Review – Season 1

Stargirl Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Episode 2 of Stargirl opens right where Episode 1 left off; in the parking lot of the tire company, just as pat shows up in his prototype robotic suit to rescue Courtney. They quickly flee the scene before brainwave follows them. Back at Pat’s garage, Cortney is still shaken from the experience, and tries to probe Pat for more info about brainwave and the injustice society. Here we learn about the fate of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, as well as the location of Icicle.

DC; Stargirl Season 1 Episode 2

The scene shifts to the home of the Wizard, now retired, as he’s woken up by Brainwave in his living room Brainwave tells him about the girl with the staff he just fought, and how best to proceed. We get to see the hierarchy of their group as well, with Icicle being their leader, but leaving the Wizard in charge while he’s away. Also his old power wand seems to have some addictive qualities to it when he wields it.

Stargirl Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Back at the Whitmore home, Pat reveals the true reason for moving to Blue Valley; he’s following the trail left by Hourman, who survived that fateful night and was tracking the injustice society across the country but later died in a car crash. Courtney is still seemingly oblivious to the dangers of what she’s up against, and is intent on following in Starman’s footsteps. She even chastises Pat for sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. Then we get a training montage of Pat testing out his robot suit’s arm launcher, which he hilariously fails and even injures himself doing so. The next morning, he and Courtney awkwardly act like nothing happened and even try to explain away their injuries to the rest of the family.

Meanwhile brainwave, in his civilian identity, interrogates his son some more about the girl who beat him up and destroyed his car. After his questions, he tries to get his son to guess what he’s thinking, as if to test him for any latent psychic abilities he may have inherited. The entire sequence is tense, and goes to show the kind of relationship they share.

At school, Courtney puts her plans into action by altering the original Starman costume to fit her, complete with a new mask to hide her identity. And at work, Joan gets to witness the grating personality of the CFO of American Dream, when he rudely shoots down her ideas for a fundraiser. Pat finally signs up at Crusher’s gym, too.

Stargirl Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Back at school, Courtney puts herself in the crosshairs unknowingly when she’s caught up in a video chat between one of the kids from the “losers” table and her parents, one of who just happens to be brainwave’s co-worker. This scene leads to the school fundraiser event later that evening, and Courtney and Pat’s attempts to find brainwave amongst the crowd. Courtney finds him first and calls him out, but this backfires and she’s cornered and threatened, commanded to bring him the cosmic staff at midnight or her mother dies. She finds Pat and tells him this, but he promises to handle it, and also making Courtney promise to look after the family in case something happens to him.

Pat shows up to confront brainwave at the school parking lot, but proves to be no match for him. He’s saved by Stargirl’s appearance, complete in her new costume! Their rematch goes much better for Courtney, and she holds her own until she’s pinned down by a metal bar, then mentally tortured by brainwave until, in her desperation she lashes out with the staff, short-circuiting his mind and knocking brainwave into a coma. They decide to drop him off at the hospital, where his distraught son shows up later.

Stargirl Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Back home, Courtney and Pat discuss their next move, with Pat being cautious as ever. He even has his doubts about being a hero, based on how Courtney saved the day. She still encourages him, but suggests a name change for the robot.

The final scene shows Icicle returning to Blue valley, and heading to the American Dream building. First, he checks up on Solomon Gundy who’s been locked up underneath the building in a secure bunker, then continuing on to the secret headquarters of the Injustice society, where he meets the CFO of the company, a former member of the gang, who shows him footage of Courtney’s battle with brainwave. He promises to deal with her, stating that he could always kill another Starman.

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