DC; Stargirl Episode 3 Review - Season 1

DC; Stargirl Episode 3 Review – Season 1

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 3 Review 

Episode 3 of Stargirl begins with a flashback set 8 years ago. Icicle and his young son have barely enough time to say farewell to his wife, who makes him promise to destroy anyone who gets in the way of project: New America. After she passes, an enraged icicle storms out to his flower garden and unleashes a miniature ice storm in rage.

Stargirl Episode 3 Review – Season 1

Back to the present, Courtney is getting ready for school, and is as enthusiastic as ever about hunting down the rest of the Injustice Society, despite Pat’s best efforts to not do this, and advising her to lay low. Pat also announces an important family dinner that he wants everyone to attend.

Review – Stargirl Season 1 Episode 3  Review

At the hospital, junior is suddenly awakened from his sleep by a coffee cup shifting on its own beside him. He goes to check on his father, and sees Icicle, who’s come to pay his respects. Satisfied by what he’s seen, icicle next calls the Wizard, but he ignores the call, instead chatting with his son Joey and giving him pointers on how to improve his magic card trick for the talent contest. It’s this same card trick that he tries on Courtney later at school, but even though he got it wrong then, Courtney happily plays along and accepts the wrong card as a gift from him.

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 3 Review 

Meanwhile, Pat goes to check up on Brainwave at the hospital, asking suspicious questions about how he was found. Icicle also drops by the Wizard’s home to confront him about everything that’s happened since Stargirl showed up. He chastises the Wizard for how he’s handled matters, and also reveals a bit about where he’s been all this while. He leaves with a veiled threat against the Wizard concerning his family, leaving him visibly rattled.

At his garage, Pat is interrupted from work by a call from Mike’s school; he’s been playing video games in class and this gets him grounded at home. Pat also suggests getting him a paper route.

Barbara on the other hand, is having a great day at work. During a presentation about revitalizing the town, she makes an impassioned speech in favor of saving the local theatre from demolition, which impresses Icicle, and irritates the company CFO.

Back at school, everyone is getting ready for the talent show, and Courtney tries to speak up and defend Yolanda from being slut-shamed by the cheerleader and her posse. Yolanda seems irritated by this, because now the cheerleaders will just intensify their attack on her. The word “slut” on her locker has also been artistically painted over too, and during math class, Courtney figures out that it was Cameron who did it, seeing him create colorful doodles in a text book.

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 3 Review 

The scene shifts to Barbara at her office, who’s rearranging the photos on her desk when icicle walks in, startling her and causing her to drop the pictures. As he helps to arrange them, he sees a picture of Barbara with Courtney. After a brief exchange, he invites her to an important meeting, but the time clashes with Pat’s planned family dinner, so she reluctantly declines.

On her way home after school, Courtney walks through a field which rapidly starts to ice over, eventually revealed to be in the shape of a star. She rushes home to tell Pat about this, and how they have to find Icicle. As usual he preaches caution, but she declares that she’s leaving, with or without him. When they get to the site of the ice star, they’re attacked and Pat (in S.T.R.I.P.E) is quickly incapacitated by Icicle. He also freezes the cosmic staff, but just before killing a defenseless Courtney, he’s struck by STRIPE’s rocket fist, knocking him onto a nearby bridge, which is also the same bridge her classmates are driving on, unaware of the battle. Creating a distraction, Icicle freezes the bridge and causes the school bus to crash through the railings, nearly plunging into the river below. The bus is saved by Pat, who pushes it back onto the bridge. As they children disembark, unhurt, Icicle sends a chilly wind to knock a card loose from Joey’s set of cards. As he rushes to find it, he’s struck and killed by a pickup truck that skids on the icy roads. His classmates and Courtney watch on, horrified.

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 3 Review 

In a short interlude from the battle, we see Barbara rush home, excited about the important family dinner, only to meet Mike alone and Pat and Courtney nowhere to be seen. This causes her to later attend the council meeting she had declined earlier in the episode.

The next sequence happens in a blur; we see how both sides react to the tragedy. The Wizard grabs his wand and rushes to Icicle’s house in a blind fury to confront him, only to be quickly dispatched with a deadly icy touch, which is later covered up as a heart attack.

Courtney mourns Joey and mentions how he was one of the few kids who was nice to her. Instead of being demoralized about his death, however, she’s more determined than ever to bring the Injustice Society to book, especially after Pat takes her to the former headquarters of the Justice Society, to give her some context about how deadly the life of a superhero can be. Looking at all these unused artifacts just gathering dust, she plans to recruit a new generation of heroes with them; a plan she starts by looting the artifacts later by herself.

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 3 Review 

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