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Snowpiercer Episode 10 Review – Finale

Snowpiercer Episode 10 Review Surprise, surprise. The major theme in episode 10 of the thriller Snowpiercer. Andre and Melanie came to an unlikely alliance that led to the separation of 7 cars from the train, leaving 994 cars. Cars filled with the armed forces of the train, the Sergeant, and the Folgers. While the loss […]

Snowpiercer Episode 7 Review – Season 1

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 7 Review Snowpiercer continues to tell its gripping tale of an icy dystopian world where what’s left of the world lives on a train and moves round and round without coming to halt. A recap of the last episode, episode 6 is when the train is almost derailed and all life […]

Does Mr. Wilford Exists On Snowpiercer Tv Series

Does Mr. Wilford Exists On Snowpiercer Tv Series   Mr. Wilford Existence On Snowpiercer Every fanatic or viewer of Snowpiercer tv series would be wondering “Where is Mr. Wilford” “Why is Melanie talking for him” “Does Mr. Wilford exists on Snowpiercer” And yeah, these questions will come into your mind the moment you start watching […]

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