Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 1

The Silent Sea Episode 1 Review

Another thrilling Korean drama series comes out and this has got the binge treatment. It has become very common seeing Korean drama on Netflix. Just a before Christmas Eve, The Silent Sea season 1 was released with all episodes from, Episode 1 to Episode 8. With such a brilliant cast, and well invested production this tv series has brought so many people to the screen. There were couple of hype here and there regarding this Korean drama series months ago, but now the wait is all over.

Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 1

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 1 Review

The silent sea season 1 episode 1 begins with a group of space men and women battling for their life as they crash on the moon following a system failure. Later the episodes fits into news reporting about the earth losing it originality and scarcity of resources especially water. We see protestors running on the street about the inequalities and unfair distribution of water. This has to be interesting.

In Episode 1 of Silent sea Mr. Kim visits Dr. Songs Jian about her Astrobiologist papers. She firmly confirms she is no longer interested in Astrobiology as there is nothing in space. Mr. Kim explains why they need an Astrobiology in one of their space mission and it was Director Choi that recommended her. As soon Dr. Song Jian hears about the location of the mission her interests raises. Her expression showed the willingness to go but so much anxiety was filled in her eyes. She later looks at a memorial box for the deceased Song Wonkyung (her sister). Her sister could not survive the previous mission.

Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 1

Along the line couple of crew going on the missions meet and introduce themselves. They exchange pleasantries and begin to make jokes about each other. Han Yunjae, the captain of the mission, introduces himself to Song Jian the following day. They both examine the memorial for a tragic event that happened at the station five years ago. Han Yunjae tells Song Jian to reconsider going to the station. It’s almost like he’s suggesting she should not go. The other crew members then introduce themselves; Gong Soochan, Kim Heesun, co-pilot Eun Jiyoung and team doctor Hong Gayoung.

The whole team is gathered in a room to discuss the main objective of this moon mission. They are given the reasons why they need to retrieve the sample in safe way but the looks on Dr. Song Jian indicates more information is being withheld and as to why it is so. Dr. Song begins to ask Mr. Kim questions but the director steps in to let her know the information they have is what they are sharing.

Review; The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 1

And so, the crew journey to space and head to the moon. It’s revealed that Mr. Hwang has joined the team too; the only crew member who has visited the station. As the ship scours the moon, we are faced with the same problems from the start of the episode. There’s a problem with the ship’s exterior, and the landing mechanics are at risk. The crew has to take risks to land and brace for impact. When they land, they end up on a cliff edge and need to escape.

The team takes off on earth heading towards Balhae station on the moon to retrieve their sample. But upon reaching close to the moon, sounds starts beeping, systems starts jamming and every blood in a vein begins to rush up and down causing fear and panic. Han Yunjae develops a plan and directs the pilots to follow up. They force land unto the man and gets at the edge of deep valley. Fear grips the crew and unfortunately Mr. Hwang gets injured by breaking some of his ribs. Time is running out as they have very limited oxygen, they need to walk a distance of 7.2km to reach Balhae Station to finish their mission.

The team with so much anxiety and fear they begin their journey by walking to the station to seek refuge and find a life support system. They are all struggling to breathe, but they keep moving forward. Eventually, they reach the emergency power controls to get inside the station; the password to turn it on does not initially work, causing brief panic. Finally, the captain manages to unlock the controls and the crew head inside. What lies ahead is uncertain, but what an exhilarating start.


In a flashback we see Dr. Song Jian being handed a golden card to have access to water at all times. Her sister had played a major role previously by travelling to the moon to pick up the sample but she could not survive. 

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