The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 8 Review

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 8 Review

The Silent Sea Episode 8 Review

The usual flashbacks in the silent sea season 1 comes up again. As the story continues the flashbacks throws lights on what had happened 5 years ago. In the first episode of the silent sea we realised a lot had gone on and there is more to come. We see humans running helter-skelter for their lives after a warning information was given about evacuating the premises. Something strange happened 5 years ago and that is the more reason why Balhae station is not safe.

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 8 Review

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Episode 8 begins when we see Director Choi watching a video of what had gone on in Balhae station years ago. A glimpse of it caught in her mind as she wallows in her thought. Mr. Kim walks in suddenly and Director Choi gets frightened a little. She quickly asks the question that probably confirms the life of all the crew members are at stake. Mr. Kim pretends not to have heard her question and hoped she could rephrase it but she drops the question about the crew members surviving at the Balhae station.

The unexpected just happened in episode 8 of the silent sea. The little girl’s(Luna) bite on the hands on Dr. Song Jian in episode 6 has become an antibody. She suddenly moves into one of the labs and begin to vomit out a chunk of water. The little girl(Luna) who has tortured the team in the past stands behind the glass to observe. At this point, it is obvious that the way to save humanity will also depend on the girl and not only the Lunar water.

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Han Yunjae learns that Ryu Taesuk was working with RX mercenaries. Two ships are heading their way; one is RX, the other is their escape ship. They need a plan. Mr. Kim tells the crew that Luna will be sent to a military-grade facility when they arrive on Earth. Song Jian raises how Lunar will be the only one that will be a tool for their experiments on lunar water, so it will not work in their favor imprisoning her. Mr. Kim’s response does not inspire Song Jian, and she states she will take Lunar to the IISB, a neutral place where she can study and away from danger. Han Yunjae believes she’ll be in danger regardless of where she goes due to the need for Lunar water — he wants to complete the mission for his daughter’s sake.

Suddenly, Luna puts her ears to the ground. She can hear the water; Song Jian thinks they should follow her, believing she’s behaving this way on purpose. Suddenly water bursts at the end of the corridor, and the remaining crew has to run. When they reach gate 7, they are faced with Ryu Taesuk, who is struggling with the infection. Han Yunjae tries to calm him down with the water slowly coming behind them. Ryu Taesuk asks Han Yunjae why he pretends he didn’t know what they did. He believes they don’t deserve Lunar water.

Ryu Taesuk apologizes to Song Jian and states their rescue ship isn’t coming. Flashbacks showed Ryu Taesuk on the station before the tragedy five years ago; he closes the gates on all the crew members, leaving them destined to die. One of the members was Song Wonkyung. He’s been riddled with guilt since.


Soohyuk has heard enough and shoots Taesuk dead, knocking him down so they can scramble to safety. Unfortunately Soohyuk takes a fatal bullet for his troubles, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it.

As Taesuk vomits watery blood, the others grab the samples and make it through to the next part of the base. However, Han sacrifices himself to save the others and allows the water to consume him. But why?

Well, it turns out in order for the group to ascend to safety, they need to activate the decompression chamber from outside and Han, as the Captain, bravely volunteers himself to do this, much to the horror of the others when they find out what he’s done.

In an emotional moment, Han Yunjae decides to leave the room and pull the lever on the air depressurization to sacrifice himself and save the others, thus preventing the water from getting to them.

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Both women continue walking the moon’s surface, looking for Luna, but there’s no sign of her at first. Eventually, they find her, standing on a mound, looking at Earth in awe. She turns around, and there’s a slight smile on her face — the young girl wants to go there. Luna then walks the moon’s surface and finds a dying Han Yunjae. We finally see the humanity shown to the young cloned girl, who was treated as a monster all series.

And then, a ship arrives, and they are rescued along with the water samples. The camera pans up to show Earth, half in a shadow. The future is still uncertain.

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