The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 5 Review

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 5

As Silent sea continues with it episodes, more info and clues begins to unfold. The episode 5 of the silent sea has revealed a lot  was hidden from the team before their mission to the moon. What they really needed to know was not shared with them. They were left in their own fate to fetch the sample and get back to earth.

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 5 Review

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 5 Review

The Silent sea episode 5 begins with a flashback on Dr. Song Jian looking through encrypted message by her sister Wongkyung. The message reads “find Lunar” Now Song Jian wants to know more and this is why she pushes to have access to level one files. In episode 4 of the silent sea, it was obvious that Dr. Song Jian came there not just for the mission but also to find what really happened to her sister. Jian and Han gathers the entire team to show them their discovery. With lots of fauna covering the vents, they make a decision to go down and explore the whole area.

They uncover several storage areas within the center of the facility. E1 leads the team forward to inspect and see what is really down there. The team seemed amazed about how this fauna had grown in such a place. They believed the fauna has reacted with the Lunar water and to explain how, is what still remains a mystery. It is obvious one of the samples broke and has created all these plants within the storage facility. The samples all appear to be water, and both Jian and Soohyuk check these methodically one at a time. As they begin securing the cargo, Han notices rustling coming from the vines. He encourages the others to keep their guard up, but it doesn’t take long before everything kicks off.

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 5 Review

While the team begins to search through the area, they notice something moving with so much speed within the hallways. The team is frightening by the creature moving at that pace. E1 winds up having his arm ripped off easily by the moving creature. The team begins to fire shots within the direction of the movement and find themselves wanting by hitting a ventilator pipe within the hallway.

Just as the blood starts oozing out from E1’s hand, the sample of water that had broken starts reacting with the blood. The water begins to multiply quickly on the flood just as we saw in the previous episode. The team is told to leave the place before things escalate. The captain gives orders on what next and who should fetch the sample.

Now the team had seen who the intruder was, a little girl. Dr. Song Jian has seen how the little kid reacted with the water. Now she believes, this girl will be of great tool to help them find answers to their curiosity.

Later in the episode, Captain Han Yun-jae shows director the Choi the sample they picked up. Director Choi tells Captain to capture the intruder but the brows of the captain raises. The face of the director could clearly tell that kid has a relation with her and pushes the captain to focus on the main agenda. She tries to raise the topic of how the earth has lost it originality and the importance of creating more water on the earth. When the video feed ends, it’s revealed that Director Choi may know who the child is.

The Silent Sea Season 1 Episode 5 Review

Han Yunjae does not want to risk any more of his people, but Song Jian raises the importance of getting that data. He tells her to go with Doc Hong and to be careful. They head to the main lab and log in to the data. Doc Hong asks Song Jian what her sister was like. Song Jian reveals she didn’t know her sister was here until after the disaster. She recalls when her sister contacted her first for once, right before the accident, but she didn’t pick up her call — she wishes she did.

At the latter part of episode 5, the little girl makes her way around the hallway to grab what is hers – The Lunar water. The team knows the girls knows her way around the place more than anyone. Captain and his crew make an attempt to capture the little girl. To Dr. Song Jian, this girl is their only way to find answers to this strange water. She pleads with the team not to harm the little girl.

Captain Ryoo Tae-seok has got a different plan. He seemed to have continued the communication his other team started. When Jian and Hong return to the lab, Taesuk thinks about shooting them both but the strange girl arrives at the front of the lab. Taesuk immediately shoots her, which leads to a big stand-off. As this strange girl looks at Jian, her eyes blink horizontally, as we’re left with lots of puzzles to solve.


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