Theories: Upload Season 1 Life and Technology

Theories: Upload Season 1 Life and Technology

Theories: Upload Season 1 Life and Technology

Upload Tv Series Season 1


Nathan is no ore the shallow person he was

In the final episode, when Nathan receives his memories back and learns of how he sold Jamie out, he feels so bad that he lies to Nora that he remembers her just to protect her from him. It is clear that Jamie is no more the shallow guy he was while on earth. Through his friendship with Nora and the other people he’s come to meet, he now cares less about himself and more about others. And he loves Nora so much that he’s willing to lie to her to save her from more heartbreak about him.

He also follows on his promise and moves to 2Gig status, further proving that he will do whatever it takes to right the wrongs that he made.

Advancement in Technology also comes with dangers

This is very evident in the finale when Nora is in the virtual reality world speaking to Nathan while her body is on earth in her room. When someone breaks into her room, she doesn’t realize it and has put herself in so much danger. Does this mean that in the world of Upload, even though there is advanced tech, you can still be put in harmful situations?

Theories: Upload Season 1 Life and Technology

Nathan is A Talented Software Engineer

When Nora is being chased by her assailant, Nathan demonstrates his skills of software engineering by tapping into the network system in order to aid Nora. He tells Nora where to go to be safe and when Nora’s assailant is in an elevator, he taps into the hotel network system and crashes the elevator, killing the assailant.

Ingrid Would Do Anything to Be with Nathan

At the end of the finale, when Nathan is frozen for finishing up his 2Gig, Ingrid appears to him and gives him 1Gig. She tells him that she is also an Upload now, proving that Ingrid loves Nathan or is obsessed with him so much that she would die and be uploaded to be with him even after he left her.

Theories: Upload Season 1 Life and Technology

There is a higher Chain of Command with Access to Horizen

When Nathan comes back to life after being given 1Gig by Ingrid, he’s immediately frozen up again. This is very surprising even to Ingrid. Does that mean there’s a higher chain of command who has access to Horizen’s systems? If that is the case, then Nathan is not safe as long as he is in Horizen’s system.

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