Upload Episode 10 Review - Season 1(Finale)

Upload Episode 10 Review – Season 1(Finale)

Upload Episode 10 Review - Season 1(Finale)

In a thrilling upload episode 10 finale to the first season of Upload, it was everything viewers would expect and more with a small time frame. Picking up from the previous episode where we found out Nathan’s girlfriend, Ingrid knew who was behind Nathan’s death and the Lakeview update that would determine the future of Nathan and Nora.

Review; Upload Season 1 Episode 10

The finale episode focused mainly on the two main characters Nathan and Nora. When Nathan wakes up from the update, he doesn’t remember who Nora is, or so it seems. However, his memories come back to him and a thrilling secret is revealed. Jamie wasn’t the one trying to betray Nathan, it was the other way round and Nathan was betraying Jamie to someone familiar to the viewers. Do you think Jamie has really forgotten Nora or is just pretending?

Upload Episode 10 Review - Season 1(Finale)

Meanwhile, a distraught Nora is comforted by Aleesha and goes home. While she does, Nathan is leaving the rich society of Lakeview to join the 2Gigs, the unfortunate and low class of Lakeview. A satire alluding to the fact of Capitalism where the poor in the society are exploited and keep on suffering in the society while the rich enjoy. He is warned by an upload in 2 gig not to anything expensive and risk his allocated monthly data.

Unable to control himself, Nathan calls Nora and she cuts him off. Nora later wears the VR lens and goes to Nathan virtually. He explains everything to her. How he couldn’t stand himself after his true memories were revealed and what his actual feelings for Nora are. In real life, while Nora is in the Virtual Reality, a creepy man breaks into her room without her knowing. He goes for a knife and stares at Nora.

Upload Episode 10 Review - Season 1(Finale)

The finale episode explores the themes of sacrifice, forgiveness and bravery in the midst of the unknown.

When Nora is threatened by an unknown assailant, Nathan must find a way to save her when with every action he takes, his 2 gig monthly data is used up and he runs the risk of being frozen until the following month. Will he be able to save Nora in real life before times runs out for both of them?

Nathan is able to save Nora and using his skills of data science, kills the assailant all while in the Virtual world but his 2 gig falls to an incredible low. If he is not stable and makes any move, he would be frozen until the following month. Nora escapes to her father’s where he reveals to her that Ingrid’s father, who Nathan originally betrayed Jamie for, was under a higher chain of command who wanted her to die. Who do you think this higher chain of command is and why do they want to kill Nora?

Nora’s father plans with her daughter to keep her safe in a faraway place and Nora calls Nathan to say goodbye. Nathan listens while she talks, unable to reply and risk being frozen. When Nora finally says the most important words, Nathan freezes up before he can reply. Nora thinks that Nathan didn’t want to talk to her and cuts the call. What did Nora say?

Upload Episode 10 Review - Season 1(Finale)

Suddenly, Nathan is brought back by someone who has bought 1Gig of data for him and is also now an Upload. Can you guess who this is? Yep, you guessed right. Before Nathan do anything, Nathan mysteriously freezes up again and the screen goes dark. Is it possible that this higher chain of command can control the system? What will happen to Nora and Nathan now? And how will they expose the threat to them?

The finale episode kept us on our feet and left us anxiously searching online for the date of release of season 2.


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