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Upload Episode 6 Review – Season 1

Upload Episode 6 Review - Season 1

Captivatingly, so many things have been discovered in upload Tv series.  VR technology has found it year. It is very enthralling to portray the advanced side of VR, making you spend time with people far away. As Nora and her dad spend time from different locations using VR.

Upload Episode 6 Review

In upload episode 6, Nora makes her dad aware of what she thinks about Nathan and Byron, the guy from the Nitely app. It is less than a platonic relationship and as we know more of a hookup, the ultimate point she feels now is that there is no need to know him more.  Nora is ready to go and date as his dad suggests how better it is to know Byron. It is clear that Nora is attracted to Nathan, she has seen who he truly is but her dad contempt Nora’s words; that Nathan is better than Byron.

Upload Episode 6 Review - Season 1


In episode 5 of upload, Fran could not reach her destination. She finds herself being pushed into the ocean and now Nevaeh who happens to be Nathan’s niece informs Nathan. Nevaeh is very reluctant and plans not to go with Ingrid. Eventually, Nathan highlights how fun it could be there and cautioned her not to straighten her hair while with Ingrid.

Nathan invites her angel, Nora, to meet Nevaeh. The joy on both Nathan and Nora looked dazzling. Aleesha uninvited comes to Nora and passes a comment to tickle their discussion and as curious Nevaeh could be she notices how Nathan likes Nora. Sleepover; Ingrid invites Nevaeh to assist her.

Upload Episode 6 Review - Season 1

Nathan talks to Nora before her date and later hopes to give out some crunches. During her date, she discovers Byron has the last name of Titely. Byron, the guy she met on Nitely is called Titely as his last name. She gets to listen to Byron as she shows a displeasing face. Interestingly, Nora discovers a better side of Byron, he shares how he is persuasive and shows much attention to kids especially, being a go-getter. She finally got why it was important to go on a date with Byron.

Another side story-line that is rib-tickling is Luke with his Angel, Aleesha. She’s fed up with Luke’s ways and decides to get revenge by taking his fingers and private body parts. He gets his own back by calling her supervisor, Lucy. Of course, Aleesha has to give everything back, but that doesn’t mean the war between them is over. Luke makes that clear, and he is ready to win the wall.

Upload Episode 6 Review - Season 1

Ingrid had dinner with the family. Full of short business terms and short mean conversations. They ridicule one another and Nevaeh just can accept it. She hasn’t seen or been in such a place before. Ingrid’s family are well to do and it is so obvious she is spending so much on Nathan.

Nora comes back only to find Nathan painting. She knows she is violating their work policy but it seems she can’t help herself. She has seen too much of Nathan. Later through their conversation, he admits how jealous he was and not because he wanted her date to fail but he wishes he had spent time with Nora. Nora finds herself in trouble after sleeping next to an upload, which looks like a “romantic night spent together” she fears for herself as her Boss, Lucy, finds her asleep on her desk the following morning.


Now that, Nathan thinks Jamie might have been part of his murder, Jamie gives him a bit of proof as he quickly ends the call. Ever since Nathan was upload that was his first time talking to Jamie. He was happier than surprised but his Jamie has something under his sleeves.

Upload Episode 6 Review - Season 1

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