Upload Episode 7 Review - Season 1

Upload Episode 7 Review – Season 1

Upload Episode 7 Review - Season 1

In the previous episode, which was episode 6, we had quite a shock when Ingrid, Nathan’s girlfriend defended Nathan’s niece from her mentally abusive family. Nathan also had a night out with Nora and they ended up sleeping side by side.

Upload episode 7 continues with the humour, thriller and romance Upload is noted for. Nathan and Nora get closer each day, their feelings growing and Nathan promises Nora to talk to Ingrid soon and possibly end things with her.

Upload Episode 7 Review - Season 1

Upload Episode 7 Review

Upload episode 7 explored themes of family, facing the difficulties of life and bravery. Nora’s father, Mr. Antony after constant nagging by his daughter agrees to take a tour of Lakeview to decide whether he’ll choose there when he dies. He’s in favour of dying without his memories being uploaded and Nora disagrees.

When Mr. Antony comes to Lakeview virtually, Nora leaves a nervous Nathan as the tour guide and goes back to work. What do you think will happen between the two men? In this episode, the backstory of Nathan is exposed a little bit when Nora’s father asks to see a memory of Nathan’s and sees young Nathan with his father. What happens after implies that Nathan’s father might have deserted his family.

Meanwhile, after watching the news earlier and seeing an associate of Nathan’s killed, Nora is more convinced of something sinister going on. She tries to find out more and ends up in the office of her boss when she goes for a lunch break. While searching on her boss’ computer, an intruder breaks in and disarms the servers, sending all electricity into emergency mode. How will Nora escape from not being caught snooping on her boss’ computer now? And what did she find?

Mr. Antony in VR Suit

Nathan has a heart to heart with Nora’s father and after, Mr. Antony tells Nora that he likes Nathan. When she asks whether he was convinced to become virtual when he does, his answer causes her to cry. What do you think he settled on?

Aleesha also finds herself in a bind when one of her Uploads goes missing and she has to impersonate him in order to keep his wife occupied. While she’s doing this, her other Upload, Luke is having bed fun with another Upload. Can you guess what they are doing?

Upload Episode 7 Review - Season 1


While all of this is going on, Ingrid, Nathan’s girlfriend, is in group therapy where she confesses betraying Nathan and plans of doing an unspeakable and immoral thing to him since she pays for his stay in Lakeview.

This episode set the basis for the last three episodes and continues to prove that Upload will gain momentum soon be a satirical piece of art that is watched worldwide.

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