Upload Episode 8 Review - Season 1

Upload Episode 8 Review – Season 1

Upload Tv series has been eye-catching and the suspense keep rising as most fanatics are eager to find the conspiracy regarding Nathan’s death. There could be more stories coming in from upload Tv series season 2.

Upload Episode 8 Review - Season 1

Upload Episode 8 Review

Not the regular way this time, Nathan tried looking into his memory to find the missing pieces. Later in the episode Nathan request to get a replay of his past memory but to the Betia’s surprise, it’s just a memory of him being in Horizen and not while he was alive. Looks like there was nothing enjoying for Nathan or nothing memorable aside from what he was working on.

In Nathan’s memory we see him having a close friendly conversation and later fell for the prank of Nora. He actually believed walking on water is possible (I think it is possible) and someone got pranked big time.

Upload Episode 8 Review - Season 1

Betia gets to see what was on the screen and seemed very surprised how the fraternization was happening! It’s against their policy but Nora had already broken it.“Someone is in trouble” – Nora is queried and unfortunately suspended. It didn’t sound like a surprise but she was devastated. Nora robotically walks out of the office with a gloomy face.

We all can attest to the fact that Upload episode  8 around 4:35mins was the most embarrassing moment. Nathan brown pours his heart out, only to realize he has made a fool out of himself. Lucy played well, she needed to snoop what Nora has been doing. Let’s forget Nathan brown said “this is so embarrassing” Actually, it is, the rejection, the moment he tried reaching Nora’s avatars hand.


Upload Episode 8 Review - Season 1

Nathan had pleaded with her mum to switch location. Obviously he had in mind to try other places but with this embarrassment that happened between Nora’s avatar who happens to be Lucy, he needs to find a new home. After Ingrid gets to hear about it, she starts to trip, hoping to find his man, Nathan. Amusingly to have your son on a hard drive after requesting to move to a new world.


Upload Episode 8 – Nora tries to save Nathan

Nora’s commitment to Nathan is even more than her work. She flies all the way to L.A find Ingrid just to see how safe his upload is. The tension between Nora and Ingrid was getting higher until Ingrid decided to question Nora. At some point, they fell on the lead and talked about something they both had in common. It was sort of a fun galore for the two “unknown” rivals. Nora Antony saved the episode and saved Nathan as well just when Ingrid lost the fake hard drive which had Nathan on.

As confused as Nathan was, he was still calm to be open to Nora. He breaks the ice to Nora and at that moment she knew Lucy played both of them.

Upload Episode 8 Review - Season 1

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