Upload Season 1 Episode 1 - Theories and info

Extra Details In Upload Episode 1

Upload Season 1 Episode 1 - Theories and info

For a moment we all have it in mind this is one of those Tv series without AI influencing our lives that much! But hey! Something interesting was coming up.

Yeah we in the future! But to have these number of people on the train! Hold your horses! What happened to the flying bus and flying car? Teleportation and speedy vehicles! Specious automobiles and better transport system! Maybe it the future doesn’t seem so perfect like we imagine.

Why scream “it’s my stop here” when the train could easily spot you and pave way for Nora Anthony, the angel taking care of Nathan and the worker at Horizen support center.

Horizen- upload client support this is the firm Nora works at, and found at Dumbo Brooklyn, a town in New York.

In episode 1 of upload Tv series We get to know Lakeview is a place in heaven and there other places. Marvytvseries is here to bring you some extra details we saw in upload episode 1, which we titled us: Upload Season 1 Episode 1 Theories and info

Upload Season 1 Episode 1 – Theories and info

Also, Ambrosia is salad, it is mostly served as a desert during thanksgiving by the people in Vermont. Ambrosia salad is a desert meaning food for the gods. Nathan’s mother, Viv could see the sarcasm in Ingrid but and with that she decided to say Ambrosia Salad is just a salad.

Lakeview – the only digital afterlife environment modeled on the grand Victorian hotels of United States in Canada- interesting point there. Upload Season 1 Episode 1 - Theories and info

Nathan was a programmer on earth and he died on 24th November 2033.  He was 27 years and had so much energy for work.

When you watch episode 2 of upload Tv series, his crash was being investigated. Nathan was getting ready to meet his mother, joining them for thanksgiving. That means Nathan arrived in a different time. So the question is; if thanksgiving is on the 26th of November, but his crashed happened on 24th November, then we have a lot to understand and see in Upload Tv Series. Maybe where they lived had different time zone, maybe more than 2 days. We can also confirm the setting of upload Tv series is in USA, but why different dates on thanksgiving and the crash. Could it be a mistake?

This theory is to help us understand the full view of this new show. They have a lot to show us as Amazon prime has already released all other episodes. Season 2 is expected to come up in 2021 May.

Upload Season 1 Episode 1 - Theories and infoIn upload Tv series episode 1, the people on heaven have different languages, accents and also “lingo”. During the scene of Nathan and Luke, he asked Nathan, how he got here and we all heard how the question was put up.

If you ever noticed, Nathan died on 24th and after that, he had a call from Ingrid indicating how he has been away for a month? But then it was not even up to a day in heaven.

Could it be that in heaven, on the part of Lakeview there are more hours than on earth or there is no time in heaven. If there is no time, their angels will not signal “a day” to them when going through the creation and regeneration. All things being equal we can boldly say the numbers of days on earth are more than the number of day in Heaven making it seem like eternity in Heaven but however there is time moving and being counted. In other sense, 30 days on earth may equal 30 days in Heaven.

Maybe there is time there but it never stops, just as it is, Upload tv series gave a clue of four seasons in heaven. When Nathan was created and uploaded, he was in the fall of November and that is autumn. This concludes there equally four seasons within that place and that weather changer in Nathan’s room proved all the four season were up there.



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