Upload Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Upload Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Upload Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Upload comedy science fiction is hitting the numbers. In episode 2 the playtime is not more than 22 minutes but has mixture of comedy, romance, science and a lot than we assumed.

Funeral is almost ready, thank God for upload, it would have been sorrowful and more of morning but hey, thanks to horizen funerals are done anywhere.It feels like a pay back time! Is it because of how wealthy the family of Ingrid is? She seems to be controlling the life of Nathan!Too bad! Time changes indeed! As the account holder she’s got all the power. She’s got the money to keep him there when she gets intimidated by Derek

Upon seeing how tech and science is advancing he dreams of coming back to earth by downloading himself. His death seems very bizarre to him although part of his memory still lives on

Oh crap! At some point, science blows your mind and then blows your head off. all downloaded data could not be held in the cloned body.

Upload Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Finally, Nathan gets to meet Ingrid’s grandmother, 100 years old woman but still with a fine skin. It is known that in heaven you are given the best of yourself in terms of look. Although she has the “noir” color because she’s been there for a long time. Much reveled in episode 3 of Upload Tv series. Science and tech has advanced.

The funeral has started and nothing surprises Nathan more than he actually seeing people mourn his disappearance on the face of the earth. But on the brighter side, he gets to interact with people.

It wasn’t the funeral he would have planned for himself. The people he cared so much about aside her mother didn’t even show up at his funeral. Luke as his new friend in Horizen pushes to be there for him. Nathan is now pathetic as his has no control over his life but to enjoy what’s given to him.

Wealth it is! Ingrid has all the money! She has all the power and therefore she gets to give Nathan a dare to wipe himself totally off.

Something may be odd, the gym school teacher who calls herself an investigator is making a case here as we earlier saw in episode 2 of upload. Could there be a conspiracy to be solved?


Upload Episode 2 recap

Later, Nora mentions the missing memories to her friend and co-worker, who cautions her about how these things like this could earn her a bad rating, which is the last thing she needs. In a morbid twist, her next few interactions with her clients in paradise all go wrong, and she’s consistently given low reviews; first by Dylan, whose best friend doesn’t want to talk to him anymore, having outgrown their shared interests. Next is the business mogul, who is unsatisfied with her performance as a target for duck hunting. Nathan is watching all this unfold, and the next time he calls out for Nora, the collective stress has taken its toll on her, and she lashes out at him. He responds by giving her a free 5-star rating, and after doing this a couple more times, gets Nora to open up and vent about her hopes, fears, and doubts, especially concerning her father, who doesn’t want to be uploaded when he dies. She logs out, feeling much better. Nathan is feeling better too, after talking to Ernie the therapy dog about his day, he heads out to prepare for his own funeral. Upload Season 1 Episode 3 Review


We discover Ernie is an avatar being controlled by a therapist, who speaks to Nathan whiles he’s petting him and understandably freaking him out. As they talk, Nathan laments about his current situation and the uneasiness he feels, especially since he thinks he didn’t live up to his full potential. The therapist suggests he finds and talks to 5 other residents of paradise and take notes, to try and at least connect to the others and give his new life meaning.




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