Upload Episode 6 – Theories and Info

Upload Episode 6; Sleepover - Theories/Recap

Upload Season 1 Episode 6

Upload Episode 6; Sleepover - Theories and Recap

How did Nathan Know Nora has a date – Upload Episode 6

Is it not surprising to see Nathan ask Nora about her date? We do not expect producer and director to show us everything but we all wanted to see that part of Nora telling Nathan she has a date. Just as Nathan calls Nora, he quickly mentions the date and the look on his face did not match the joy he earlier had. Someone is worried. We did not see where Nora clearly told Nathan she has a date. It would have been okay to see how Nathan will react if Nora should have told him prior to the date. But Nathan asking Nora about her date, you might probably be wondering when Nora told him.


Upload Season 1 Episode 6 – Theories and Info

Upload Episode 6; Sleepover - Theories and Recap


What is your thought on Nora and Byron’s date?

Nora only listened to her dad because she wanted to see if her dad was right. Upon all that, her dad said, she already knew a bit of Byron, she was just not trying to put in any effort. At this point, it is a lesson to know someone before you judge them.

She called for the date but within all that time, it was more like question and answers. From Byron Titely, he seems not so attached to Nora. The demeanor was a bit off but it all seems that is who Byron Titely is made up of. He is really a gentleman. He picks up the conversation and makes it more interesting trying to be the man on the seat. You pay the bills and make the lady feels he is listening attentively.

The sleepover as it is called in episode 6 of upload Tv series, happens as Ingrid’s home. She had wanted to straighten Nevaeh’s hair but guess someone did love that kind of hair after all.

Upload Episode 6; Sleepover - Theories and Recap

Nora quickly ends her date

Finally, Nora discloses what she came across during Nathan’s upload. She tells Nathan what she saw about his memory and knows someone might have tempered with them and also succeeded in killing him. At this point, all Nathan could think about is Jamie being the prime suspect, Billionaire David Choak also confirms Nathan was in a way murdered.

Upload episode 6 – The Differences in Technology and other places

An interesting fact is that Technology is well advanced in 2033 in Upload Tv series. But looking through all the episodes very well, you can notice technology is a bit afar in certain areas. Self-driving cars, food printing, and what have you. It makes it look like the developing countries and developed countries, that gap bridge we all notice in reality. The irritating and attention-grabbing note is that during Ingrid’s dinner, she made it seem people who print food do not have enough money to afford the well-cooked food. I mean, to some point it makes a bit of sense, to eat healthily can be expensive as well as eating junk could be less cheap but your get to add more toxic to your body. Therefore, those who have been printing food are probably at a big risk, what exactly are they eating? Well, that just by the way.

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