Upload Season 1 Overview

Upload Season 1 Overview

Upload Season 1 Overview

Upload Season 1 Overview


Upload Tv Series Overview – All Episodes

Upload Season 1 Overview – This Tv series is a fresh satire that combines romance, Sci-Fiction, mystery and humour in a good blend. The series starts out as great although the technology depicted is too fantastical. This is because it is set in 2033 and we are currently in 2020. It would take more years for earth to have the kind of technology depicted. This is purposely not to undermine the idea of the Tv series or mock it but to give an overview of upload Tv series looking through all the episodes.


The humour in Upload Tv series was just right and it was a brilliant idea to not make only the black character funny but also another white character as this would have been stereotypical and would have cost them to lose points. Aleesha and Luke’s antics were fun to watch although there were moments Luke was cringe but it added to the overall appeal of the series.Upload Episode 7 Review - Season 1


The concept of uploading of your consciousness to a virtual world after death was a brilliant and original one. There are hundreds of TV series and it was very interesting that Upload stood out with this idea. Although it may be compared with “The Good Place”, Upload delivers original content that is different and is also a satire for the capitalist nature of the world.

Science Fiction

Like few Sci-Fi series, Upload delivered with it Science Fiction without overusing the trope. This was an added bonus as it would attract both viewers who love Sci-Fi and those who just want to watch mystery rom-com. And another reason why Upload stood out was that it’s Science Fiction was based on the current advancements we have in the world right now. Facebook Aeon, VR, 3D Printing and Hands Free Driving. The Science Fiction aspect of Upload therefore had a familiarity about it that viewers would appreciate.

Upload Episode 10 Review - Season 1(Finale)


In the mystery part of Upload, it was subpar. Viewers would have expected Nathan and Nora to work more in order to solve the mystery behind his death although they really tried. There were also moments that were confusing such as when a masked intruder shut down the electricity system of Horizen, affecting Lakeview. Viewers would have expected that there was a reason for this that would be unmasked in later episode’s but sadly, it wasn’t.


Upload Tv Series Season 1 Overview

This was biggest positive about Upload Tv series. It was refreshingly romantic and wasn’t rushed in this aspect. Nora and Nathan took their time to know each other as their love grew gradually and the changes that occurred in them due to their romance was evident as well. The writers and producing kept us on our feet as there were moments that we just wanted them to kiss or be together (even if it was a virtual world)

On the other hand, Ingrid and Nathan had this one and off relationship before Nathan was upload. The episode 1 showed us the complete romance between Nathan and Ingrid. Although their relationship was in ramshackle, Upload Tv series depicted what it is to be on that level.

However, the romance may have been a tad too much. There was so much focus on it that the thriller and mystery part of the series was very lacking and confusing. Hopefully, in the next season it will be fixed and we will get to see more action.

Overall, Upload Tv Series was a fun series to watch and one would not be bored after watching a few episodes. It does not rely on science fiction solely and in fact, places technology second-hand to the human relationships in the series


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