Upload Tv Series Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Upload Episode 2 Review – Season 1

Episode 2 of upload begins with a weird, futuristic consent ritual that has to be performed by Nora and her one night stand with the Nitely app, in her apartment. She gets a bad rating with some unsavory comments though, which sour her mood. This sets a running theme throughout this episode which will become important.

Upload Episode 2 Review – Season 1

Upload Tv Series Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Meanwhile in paradise, we’re treated to more hilarious glitches in the system which exposes its imperfection. Following his digital suicide attempt from the previous episode, Nathan has been ordered to get a therapy animal to help him through his issues, and he’s handed Ernie the golden retriever by Luke, from the previous episode.

We discover Ernie is an avatar being controlled by a therapist, who speaks to Nathan whiles he’s petting him and understandably freaking him out. As they talk, Nathan laments about his current situation and the uneasiness he feels, especially since he thinks he didn’t live up to his full potential.

As the episode goes on, a gym school teacher who we thought might be an investigator noticed something weird about the Nathan’s car. Interestingly, the car gives info that makes it look like, Nathan was murdered but then we are yet to get to that.

Upload Tv Series Episode 2 Review - Season 1

Looking through upload episode 1 we see why Nora Antony looked worried and furious. (earlier on people thought she had a whole attitude) Her dad is sick and she is about to lose his only close relative. Shifting back to the real world, Nora unsuccessfully makes an appeal to her boss for an employee discount for uploading her father once he passes away.

Nathan later spots Nora (who is on her break inside the system) while on his mission to find 5 people to talk to. She gives him the cold shoulder at first, but she eventually warms up to him, despite the day she’s having.

Nathan finally has a semi-decent conversation with an old business mogul, David Choak whose room is right opposite his. As they get to talking about business, Nathan realizes that he has memory gaps and cannot even recall the name of the app he and his best friend were developing. It dawns on him as Choak reveals an intriguing point. What if Nathan was murdered?

Nora logs out and Nathan encounters another unpleasant resident in paradise. Later, Nora mentions the missing memories to her friend and co-worker, who cautions her about how these things like this could earn her a bad rating, which is the last thing she needs.Upload Season 1 Episode 2; Review


Nathan is watching all this unfold, and the next time he calls out for Nora, the collective stress has taken its toll on her, and she lashes out at him. Nathan responds by giving her a free 5-star rating, and after doing this a couple more times, gets Nora to open up and vent about her hopes, fears, and doubts, especially concerning her father, who doesn’t want to be uploaded when he dies.

It would have been the wish of Nathan to take over his funeral but at this moment he has no choice. Ingrid takes it up to plan everything in her own way. The frenetic in Nathan’s attitude makes him rethink his decision.

The last scenes of Episode 2 of Upload show Nora trying to reconstruct Nathan’s digital memories. She believes something went wrong during the recreation of Nathan.

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