Upload Tv Series Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Upload Episode 1 Review – Season 1

Upload Tv Series Season 1 Episode 1 Review


Upload season 1 episode 1 was just released in 1st of May 2020 with all other 9 episodes. Upload Tv series season 1 episode 1 review will take course differently among all episodes as this is was more than 42 minutes playtime.

Ever wondered how the future might be? Ever imagined, the “unimaginable” AI surrounding us? Ever thought how our life will be with AIs doing more than we humans? This has just got to be an interesting Tv series from Amazon prime video! The future is close!

Upload Episode 1 Review

We see a young lady who tries to get off the training after sharing a beautiful moment with a passenger! Nora night have not enjoyed the whole scene like how her close passenger did, the smile, the goofy smile and romantic smile.(you know how you think about someone special)

Nora works with Horizen, upload client support. we suppose it is a firm purposely built to recreate humans after death, giving them new life and new place. Picturing it’s like a whole new place where data and information are uploaded.

Upload Tv Series Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Nora’s character can be described in Upload episode 1 as very frustrated, she seemed troubled and tired. Little did we know, her dad is passing away, she has been giving vivid descriptions for her dad to understand what it feels like to be in heaven. The sad part is, her dad is waiting for his time to pass, just to meet his wife on the other side. He simply cannot understand why his wife is not in heaven, Horizen.


Welcome to Upload –  Episode 1 Review

After violating the law and being warned, Nathan brown shows up for thanksgiving at his mother’s house.  Jamie seems surprised to have seen Nathan early and also Nathan’s girlfriend, Ingrid. She is asking for more, but to Nathan, it is more like a fling and nothing serious.

After a get together with family and a sex night with Ingrid the unexpected happens. Unfortunately, what they might have heard and seen during the upload time, probably may not be what it is. They hear it is really a beautiful place but it is no way in a perfect state. Upload Tv Series Season 1 Episode 1 Review

AI has failed human and Nathan has to decide whether to go upload or try to save his life. Human get to choose, whether to be re-generated or fight for their lives. Nathan is dead but he has an afterlife to live in Lakeview and keep his memories.

Nora welcomes Nathan, through the process of regenerating him Horizen through upload, he comes back to his self, feeling how everything has ended for him, who wouldn’t have wanted that, but hey this is just on the screen.

Jamie was working with Nathan, making apps and creating software. They saw a lot of Lakeview but to them, they never dreamed of being there. Nathan is there now and he clearly thinks, what it might have been advertised as is not exactly what it is.It is unreal, it unnatural but memories are alive. But just know some memories could be lost during your time of upload into heaven.

He wonders and wanders around, is he better of being here than to have fought for his life? At some point, he gets to know his angel is not an AI as he had imagined earlier.There are rules in Upload especially Lakeview, everything is timed and captured in every moment of one’s life.

At least Ingrid gets to talk to Nathan for once. It is refreshing for both but deep down Nathan knows how unreal it is. It seems there is more to that side than what they pictured.

Upload Tv Series Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Nora must keep her upload up, she has a job to keep but she seems to have broken the rule of not giving out personal information, maybe she was telling lies.  In all that it was just for a good reason, Keeping Nathan out of trouble and making him believe in the “I” is part of her task.

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