Who Gave The Intro In Snowpiercer Episode 1?

Who Gave The Intro In Snowpiercer Episode 1?

Who Gave The Intro In Snowpiercer Episode 1?

In episode 1 of Snowpiercer, we get the introduction from a voice and we might probably say that voice sounded familiar later in the scenes What if it may be the narrator?  Was it the first person narration, second person narration or third person narration?

Viewers might be asking this question to fill their curiosity. when you are glued to a particular tv show you wish to know more about. That is why we have decided to dig deeper than just reviews and give you some good information about Snowpiercer Episode 1 and other episodes.

Who Gave The Introduction In Snowpiercer Episode 1?

First the Weather changed – The deniers knew why but they still doomed us with their lives. War made the earth even hotter.

Her ice melted and all her species crashed so the men of science tried to cool the earth, to reverse the damage they had sown.But instead they froze her to the core.

Only the visionary Mr. Wilford foresaw the future and prepared the great ark train.

In the final days of the freeze, the rich, many of them responsible retreated to Snowpiercer 1,001 cars long. So we the people. The survivors left behind, we invaded their train.

Who Gave The Intro In Snowpiercer Episode 1?

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You might have heard this voice but might wonder who the speaker was and that is no other person than Andre Layton. Andre Layton is not seen as the protagonist but a key character looking to solve the mystery on the Snowpiercer train to gain the favour of Mr. Wilford.

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